Friday, July 18, 2014

How to Study the Spiritual Treasures

Learn How to Succeed in Successfully Completing Any Large Project in Life.

When people download the "Spiritual Treasures" and see that I have some 39988 files integrated into the "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition", then many may be like paralyzed in front of so many pages and graphics / pictures to study. Some may ask "how can I ever learn and practice so much?" You can, if you do it all day by day,k step by step until all done.

I assure you every single page, picture or graphic makes spiritual sense and really intended to be studied and applied in daily life or converted into spiritual progress. Kriya Yoga in its ancient traditional teaching as originating from Jesus always includes useful work, sharing and helping others in addition to all "secret" of meditation and kriya pranayama technique.

Imagine how people were feeling when they started many thousand years ago the world famous "Banaue rice terraces" in the Philippine islands. Imagine how their sons or daughters might have felt if fathers and mothers would have told their children to keep working another 2000 or 3000 years until all rice terraces successfully completed.


Imagine how I would have felt when God would have told me in 1995 during or following repeated oneness with God, that I may have to sit behind laptops for the next more than 15 years, earn hundred thousands of dollars first, then invest all during 60'000+ working hours to create the current 45'000+ files of "Spiritual Treasures" and "Spiritual Treasures Bonus".

I might have rebelled or fallen into coma for a while or simply been paralyzed like a little white mouse facing a kings cobra. However every reasonable project, no matter how huge, can be achieved by each individual human if done step by step, day by day until successfully done.

Every project you do will grow as you proceed. After a long and intense period of creative work, you start to see what or how much you have already achieved and finally you find motivation in your own achievements of past years. The greater the achievements the greater the motivation.

The emphasis is on "reasonable" project. Reasonable means useful for others, helpful to others, in full harmony with God and thus blessed by God.

Yet, 1997 I started with one chapter, then another one, then one per day, then when in my Simbach Ashram many chapters or graphics per day and since 2000 in the Philippines, surrounded by Millions of most loving, God loving, Mama Mary and Papa Jesus loving smiling Filipino, I created more and more pages, often many each day, until some day in May 2012 I noticed that I am about to run out of funds and all creation comes to a natural end. It felt since a while that all that needs to be written, in English as well as in German language is successfully online and available to all world for free.

It was YOUR NEED, your soul calling for help, that gave me the creative power to create and publish whatever needed to offer ALL world all needed solutions of love and teachings of love to assure YOU and all your loved ones find your way safely HOME to God's world of love.

The same may apply to YOUR reading of all "Spiritual Treasures" chapters. It is common sense HOW you start:
  • On the "Spiritual Treasures" offline version start page
  • god/
  • you see the icons linking to a sub-section.
  • Common sense is to start TOP left to right
  • Top to bottom
  • each new page / link is opened in Firefox browser in a NEW tab that opens in background.
  • you read one page at a time
  • then move to next tab with any other linked page opened, read and proceed to next tab.
This way each chapter and all relevant pages linked are read until understood in one single session. may be 20 minutes to max one hour, each day or each time you have previous studied chapters "digested" and applied in your daily life,
  • until ALL pages studied
  • top to bottom
  • left to right
  • makes common sense
If you postpone your start, you may be too late for successful completion during THIS lifetime.

If you NOW create or nourish the habit of postponing to later what actually need to be done NOW, today, this very moment, then in next reincarnation most likely that habit of doing later what needs to be done NOW may be even stronger and either if lucky you nay get a REAL kick in your butt by your very own karma, or you may eternally fail and stay on this planet until planet gone - with your gone for all eternity!

If however you start NOW to read and practice, you never now how much or how little needs to be done from all lessons left in all your previous incarnations. The very same applies for ever project or goal you may have in mind. If your goal reasonable, start now and keep on working toward your goal until successfully achieved.

In my earliest spiritual awakening-years THIS lifetime - decades ago - someone quiet wise told in a book that the spiritual end-phase before God Union is some 12 incarnations. For spiritually advanced and very active humans.
Fine, I thought, but how do I know how many from the 12 incarnations have I done before and how may are left to learn and practice? You never really know until you have reached God Union!

So I started like it was my very last and time was crucial to end all before body gone. I gave ALL to God, all family life, all recreation, all fun part of going party or going dancing, just spiritual learning, working for living and advanced kriya pranayama day and night any time I had free time.

I gave away to God ALL distractions, all bla bla calls and all those people who just call to steel time because they have neither a goal in life nor any reasonable priorities nor any intentions to end their cycle of endless reincarnations on earth - far from God and Love.

To give ALL to God is a VERY deep meaning and really means ALL. Some 2000 years ago even Jesus taught already "give all to God and all you need shall come to you (from God)".

For a reason I understood many years later, it took only five and a half years of most intense FULL time spiritual learning and practicing until oneness with God was achieved. Full time means literally 24/7/365.

Whatever goal, no matter what and how much you have to learn, to practice and work, even financially. to first earn. All starts with your first step and with your motivation to keep working with all your efforts toward your goal - to return home to God. Start now with your own life project and you may successfully complete it on time, sooner than you may imagine.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Purpose and Benefits of major disasters on earth or in your life

♥ Karma is an firm part of physical creation. The Law of Karma is absolutely KNOWN to all mankind since thousands of years on THIS planet and much longer in other parts of creation. We all have experienced in recent years the result of excessive spending leading toward bankruptcy or collapse of economy in its current system and the option of either creating a TEMPORARY unqualified solution by financing a multi trillion dollars bailout OR a complete change of current destructive lifestyle. The vast majority of global population has learned NOTHING at all from that situation. The end-result = a total collapse of the economy would have been a far more successful rescue and HEALING to mankind's attitude AND to the planet's nature.

♥ Major disasters of ANY kind = Taifun, Tsunami, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, fire, flooding, cancer, MS, Alzheimer and other illnesses, etc all are the result of ACCUMULATED KARMA of a particular kind by a large number of human in a confined area. An entire region, island, country, culture, continent or an entire planet. The disaster itself can be compared to an emergency surgery on a patient with head injuries resulting in increased pressure on brain inside the skull. One possible emergency procedure could be drilling a hole into skull to instantly relief pressure = to prevent damage to brain and possible DEATH

♥ Such is the nature and root cause of any kind of nature disaster = an emergency relief of accumulated Karma-pressure to prevent even greater damage to mankind and to our entire planet. Without the different disasters striking mankind, this entire planet would have been completely destroyed thousands of years ago.

♥ Without THIS planet however most of mankind on earth as well as all souls still needing to incarnate on this planet would have been death forever (= no additional chances to learn and PROVE true love).

♥ Hence every single disaster happening is but a divine emergency procedure to prevent total LOSS of an entire planet with all souls attached to same planet by existing KARMA and by total lack of TRUE love toward ALL.

♥ When creating NEW Karma stops AND dissolving of existing accumulated karma starts, then tension reduces and natural disaster weaken and eventually disappear completely.

♥ Only the practice of true Love toward all can dissolve all karma and thus a soul's attachment to the cycle of reincarnation = thus love only leads to freedom of a soul and a possible return HOME to God's world of Love (heaven). True love in ALL aspects and all parts of YOUR life. Each human progresses spiritually on its own. If YOU help others to progress, then others may help YOU to progress - else you maybe all by yourself, to fail or to succeed on your own self-chosen path of EGO or of Love.

God is Love. God gave you FREEDOM and one commandment of Love and God gave you the comprehensive and easy to understand the teachings of Love brought by God's son into all creation. Any disaster as well as any personal disaster / accident or illness YOU experience in your life is the result of YOU deviating from God's commandment of LOVE toward ALL, including all nature and animals alike!

♥ Every disaster on earth and in your personal life thus is a major warning for YOU to INSTANTLY CHANGE as well as a temporary relief to prevent the ULTIMATE END and thus to open the door for one more (may be very LAST) chance to turn yourself into a being of true love.

♥ Study and apply Jesus teachings of Love - the
Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition - offered to you for free instant download by the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love to turn into and maintain your entire life as an exciting adventure of love until again HOME in God's world of love.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Gottes Segen: Jährliche Segnungs-Zeremonie zur Einweihung in Kriya Yoga

Jährliche Segnungs-Zeremonie ganz für dich alleine. Die Segnungszeremonie zur Einweihung in Kriya Yoga erfolgt zu folgenden Daten - jeweils jährlich zum:
  • 20. März - 0600 GMT
  • Von Karfreitag bis Ostersonntag, ganztags
  • 9. Mai 1200 GMT
  • 21. Mai 1800 GMT
  • 10. Oktober 2400 GMT
  • Weihachtszeit - am 24. und 25. Dezember ganztags
Eine Segnungszeremonie dient sowohl zum Auffrischen deiner Liebes-Beziehung zu Gott als auch zur Vorbereitung um die Einweihung in die heilige Wissenschaft des Kriya Yoga zu empfangen. Diese Segnungs-Zeremonie als Vorbereitung zur Einweihung von Gott kann auch an jedem beliebigen Zeitpunkt und Ort deiner Wahl stattfinden ... deine Liebe und dein Herzen alleine sind entscheidend.

Der gesamte Ablauf wie unten erklärt - gilt für jede Segnungszeremonie zur Einweihung in Kriya Yoga von Gott. Du wählst Ort und Zeit und bereitest dich in deinem Herzen vor. Egal wann und wie - du solltest auf jeden Fall einen ganzen Tag frei sein für diese Segnungs-Zeremonie - ein freier Tag nur für Gott und dich.

Gott ist Liebe

Um frei, offen zu sein und Platz zu haben für Gottes Segen und Gottes Liebe, solltest du dein gesamtes Leben weitgehendst aufgeräumt haben.
Einige vorbereitende Schritte mögen dir deine Segnungs-Zeremonie erleichtern. Ein in dich hineingehen und inniges nachdenken über deine Motive und die Ziele deines Lebens sind ebenfalls erforderlich.

Um Gottes Segen empfangen zu können, muss dein Herz frei von Nachtragen, Vorwürfen, Rache, Vergeltung, Strafe, Hass, u.s.w. sein. Du musst also erstmals selbst willens sein nur zu lieben - in allen Situationen und alle Wesen nur zu lieben ... egal wer, was, wie, wo, wem angetan hat! Ohne diese feste und bewiesene Liebesbereitschaft wird jegliches Kriya Yoga und jegliches Bitten um Gottes Segen nutzlos und sinnlos sein. Gottes Segen und Liebe kann nie in ein durch Hass vergiftetes Herzen fliessen sondern nur in liebende Herzen.

Also lautet Schritt 1 deiner Vorbereitung für deine Segnungszeremonie:

Eine positive Affirmation - Ich bin ein Kind Gottes - Ich will nur lieben und helfen, andere Menschen unterstützen und beschützen - also will ich mich für allen Segen Gottes öffnen und alle Liebe und Segen aufnehmen und in Taten der Liebe zum Wohle aller umwandeln.

Jede einzelne Person auf Erden ist es wert geliebt und befreit zu werden durch Gottes Gnade und Liebe. Es ist mein heiliges Recht am Ende dieser Reinkarnation zu Gott nach Hause gehen zu dürfen - für den Rest der Ewigkeit.

Wie im spirituellen Newsletter divine accounting beschrieben - solltest du:
  • alle Menschen lieben
  • allen helfen
  • die bedürftigen und hilflosen beschützen und unterstützen
  • die Kranken heilen
  • die einsamen trösten und lieben
  • die hungrigen ernähren
  • Gott lieben und von liebenswerter Natur sein, fröhlich, heiter, liebend - angenehm für alle anderen Mitmenschen.
Alle Liebe und Segen die in dich fliessen müssen auch wieder weiter fliessen - aus dir heraus zu anderen Mitmenschen und zu Gott. Liebe ist wie ein Kreislauf und kann nur zu deinem Wohle fliessen, wenn auch du Liebe zum Wohle aller anderen frei weiterfliessen lässt.

Sei immer ein angenehmes Kind Gottes - angenehm für die gesamte Schöpfung auf Erden und jenseits des irdischen!
Wenn du dein gesamtes Leben oder Teile davon ändern musst, um in Einklang mit Gottes Liebe arbeiten und leben zu können, dann ändere Dein Leben konsequent. Schritt für Schritt so schnell wie möglich - damit Liebe frei fliessen kann bei allem was du tust im Leben - Beruf, Privat und in deiner Freizeit. Auf dem Weg der Liebe zu Gott bleibt kein Raum für Faulheit, Trägheit und Verhaftung an altem. Für spirituellen Erfolg ist deine dynamische Bereitschaft stetig zu wachsen und sich den spirituellen Bedürfnissen und den Bedürfnissen der Schöpfung anzupassen erforderlich.

Dein gesamtes Leben kann in einem einzigen Tag umgewandelt werden. Alles was du hierzu brauchst, ist die ehrliche Bereitschaft jetzt sofort aus ganzem Herzen wirklich zu lieben - nur noch zu lieben - jetzt sofort statt später.
Somit wird der nächste Schritt der Vorbereitung zur Segnungs-Zeremonie: Vor dem selbst gewählten Datum der Segnungs-Zeremonie solltest du ...
Beginnen anderen Menschen wirklich zu helfen und von spirituellem Nutzen für andere zu sein - beweise deine Liebe durch:
  • Gib vollkommen "fremden" Personen Blumen als Beweis deiner Liebe. Eine Blume für jede Person - etwa die Hälfte aller Blumen an Menschen deines Geschlechts und die andere Hälfte an Menschen des andere Geschlechts. Schenke die Blumen an Menschen aller Alters-Stufen und aller Berufe.
  • Gib wenigstens einem hungrigen Menschen eine köstliche komplette Mahlzeit
  • Spende einen ehrlichen Betrag an eine bedürftige Person - solltest du arbeitslos oder ohne Einkommen sein, dann wird es höchste Zeit, dass du aktives Mitglied der Gesellschaft wirst und deine Liebe zu Gott und zu allen durch deine aktive, wertvolle Arbeitsleistung beweist. Falls du kein Einkommen hast zum Zeitpunkt der Einweihung in Kriya Yoga, so gilt das Gehalt eines hart und fleissig arbeitenden Menschen in deinem Land als Massstab deines eigenen Potentials für die Höhe deiner ehrlichen Spende an bedürftige!
  • Gib einen ehrlichen Betrag für einen wirklich spirituellen Zweck deiner Wahl, um die Werke Gottes zu fördern - zum Beispiel einer Mission, einem Ashram, einem heiligen Hilfswerk zur Verbreitung der Lehre der Liebe Gottes. Was immer du gibst - gib nur was du aus reinem Herzen mit Liebe geben kannst.
  • Werde ein aktives Mitglied der göttlichen Schöpfung - lebe göttliche Liebe und sei anderen ein liebendes Vorbild in allem was du tust - Tag für Tag. Überlege dir wie du diesen Planeten ein wenig schöner gestalten könntest - für dich, für alle anderen und für Gott. Zum Beispiel durch anpflanzen von schönen Blumen, Obstbäumen und anderen spirituell heilenden Bäumen wie Ginkgo Biloba oder Eukalyptus - je nach Klimazone deiner Heimat. Wähle schöne Pflanzen, Blumen oder Bäume die sich jahrelang selbst vermehren können und ohne menschliche Pflege in freier Natur gedeihen können.
  • Wenn du selbst Erfolg haben willst auf deinem Weg der Liebe zu Gott, dann solltest du auch anderen um dich herum eine Hilfe auf ihrem Weg zu Gott werden und sein. Überlege dir wie du dies tun willst. Durch deine gesamte Lebensführung, Arbeit, Freizeit, Sport, Beruf - durch dein inneres und äusseres Leben solltest du für andere ein liebendes Beispiel sein. Selbst wenn dein Beitrag hierzu nur von geringem Ausmass ist, so sollst du deine Liebe und Treue zu Gott in allen Bereichen deines eigenen Lebens leben und somit beweisen können.
  • Lerne dich vermehrt um dein inneres Wohl zu kümmern. Lerne deinem innersten treu zu sein. Lerne ehrlich zu deinen innersten Bedürfnissen zu sein. Was ist dir wirklich teuer und wichtig - erkenne es und sei bereit alles zu tun deine innersten wahren Werte zu verwirklichen. Ist dir gesunde Natur wichtig ? Gesundes natürliches Essen ? Liebe und Familie ? Gib dein Geld und deine Energie dafür aus deine innersten wahren Werte zu schützen und zu fördern.
  • Nimm dir Zeit etwas für Gott zu tun. Den schwachen zu helfen bedeutet Gottes Kinder zu helfen und somit Gott zu helfen. Arme und bedürftige in die Freiheit zu führen, ihnen zu helfen zu erstarken im eigenen freien Leben sind Liebesdienste an Gott. Lerne regelmässig Zeit und Mittel aufzuwenden dem Wohle des Ganzen zu dienen und Gutes für die gesamte Schöpfung Gottes zu tun. Gott wünscht dass alle Kinder Gottes sich lieben und in Liebe, Frieden und Harmonie wie eine liebende Familie leben - alle in Frieden und Liebe mit allen! Lade Gott ein Bestandteil deines Lebens in deinem Herzen zu sein, dich zu führen, dich zu beschützen, dich zu lehren auf deinem Weg der Liebe nach Hause. Gott kann nur da leben und lieben wo Gott willkommen ist und wo Menschen Zeit und Raum frei stellen für die Anwesenheit Gottes in ihrem Leben. Gott liebt alle - auch deine Feinde, denn alle sind Kinder Gottes. Sei dir also bewusst dass alles was du gegen einzelne tust ist auch immer gegen Gott gerichtet. Um Gott im Herzen willkommen zu heissen musst du lernen alle in deinem Herzen willkommen zu heissen.
  • Lerne frei und offen mit allen zu reden - lerne über deine Gedanken und Gefühle, deine Erfahrungen und deine Ängste zu reden. Je offener du zu allen anderen bist, je schneller wirst du auf deinem Pfad der Liebe zu Gott vorankommen.
  • Nimm dir regelmässig Zeit die Lehre der Liebe zu lesen, zu verstehen und in die Tat umzusetzen. Beschränke dich auf wirklich spirituelle Literatur, lies mit deinem Herzen - fühle welche Literatur gut ist für dich und setze lehrreiche Literatur immer in die Tat um - in deinem gesamten Lebensweg. Auf deinem Weg zu Gott wird es nur wenige Bücher geben, die wirklich hilfreich sind - erkenne sie, befolge die Lehre der Liebe und meide Irrwege die dir zahlreich begegnen werden.
An deinem selbst-erwählten Tag der Segnungszeremonie:
  • Bereite dich vor indem du gut ausgeruht den Tag beginnst. Geh also den Tag zuvor zeitig ins Bett. Den Morgen beginnst du mit einer ausführlichen Dusche oder Bad - erfrische dich wie wenn du dich nach langer Trennung vor einer Wiedervereinigung mit einem Geliebten Menschen erfrischen würdest.
  • Sei sauber, aber bequem und nett angezogen.
  • Besorge dir schöne und wohlriechende Blumen - wie Rosen, Jasmin, Lotos und ähnliche Blumen - wenn nötig am Tag zuvor - diese Blumen sind nur für Gott ! Kaufe einige zusätzliche Blumen für jemand anders. Schenke diese Blumen mit Liebe jemandem der besonders viel Liebe braucht. Betrachte diesen Menschen als ein ebenso geliebtes aber verirrtes Kind Gottes das auf liebe volle Hilfe Gottes hofft für seinen Weg der Liebe nach Hause zu Gott.
  • Halte den ganzen Tag frei für Gott. Wenn du Familie hast - dann betrachte deine Familie als Teil Gottes und widme den ganzen Tag auch liebevoll für deine gesamte Familie. Alle sind hungrig nach Liebe - nach deiner Liebe - der Liebe Gottes die durch dich hindurch fliesst zu allen geliebten Menschen auf Erden.
Um 12 Uhr GMT solltest du dir Zeit nehmen für wenigstens ein Stunde vollkommen friedliche Ruhe. Verbringe diese Zeit möglichst in freier wilder Natur, in einem Park, einem spirituellen Zentrum, einer leeren, ruhigen Kirche, Kapelle oder Tempel in deiner Nähe.

Schaffe grösstmögliche Ruhe und Frieden für diese Zeit der inneren Andacht und Zuwendung an Gott. Schalte dein Telefon, Handy und dergleichen aus und sei frei nur für Gott und Gottes Segen.

Vergewissere dich dass diese Zeit nur für dich und Gott frei bleibt!

Setze oder lege dich in vollkommen bequemer Stellung hin - verweile in dieser Position mehrere Minuten und lass alles in deinem Leben vollkommen los um innerlich frei zu sein. Nun konzentriere dich auf dein inneres spirituelles Zentrum deiner Seele - die Kutashta - und bete zu Gott:

Gebet der Liebe: "Lieber Gott - bitte liebe mich frei"

Nur gerade diesen einen Satz - in inniger Liebe und bereit dich von Gott lieben zu lassen, Gott in deinen Körper eintauchen zu lassen und dich mit göttlicher Liebe und heiligem Geist zu erfüllen. Nach kurzer Weile wirst du die Anwesenheit Gottes in dir fühlen - verweile in dieser Lage so lange wie möglich jedoch für wenigstens eine halbe Stunde.

Wenn du einmal erfolgreich begonnen hast Gott in dir willkommen zu heissen und seine liebevolle Anwesenheit in dir zu fühlen, so wiederhole dieses Gebet der Liebe so oft wie möglich und so lange wie du die angenehme und heilsame Wirkung fühlen kannst.

Alsdann wirst du Frieden und Liebe in dir wahrnehmen - dein Leben und deinen Körper heilend. Selbst spontane Heilungen von schwersten Krankheiten können erfolgen wenn du dich voll für Gottes Liebe öffnen und frei machen kannst.
Heilung ist nur eine Frage deiner Öffnung für Gottes Liebe - in deinem spirituellen Körper ebenso wie in deinem physischen Körper Gottes Liebe frei fliessen zu lassen.

Dein Leben wird sich mit Liebe erfüllen und liebevoll ändern in allen Bereichen deines ewigen Seins.

Gott alleine sei dein Kriya Yoga Guru!

Die gesamte Lehre der Liebe inklusive heilige Kriya Yoga Lehre is in Deutscher und Englischer Sprache in den "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" enthalten.

Liebe und Gottes Segen

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A ceremony of preparation to accept Kriya Yoga Diksha

The Blessing ceremony is conducted every year on the following dates / times

  1. March 20th - 0600 GMT
  2. From Good Friday until Easter Sunday all day long
  3. May 9th 1200 GMT
  4. May 21st 1800 GMT
  5. October 10th 2400 GMT
  6. Christmas time on 24th and 25th of December all day long

A blessing ceremony to refresh your love relationship with God as well as preparation to accept Initiation to the Holy Science of Kriya Yoga on a self selected the day for your initiation from God.

The exactly same procedure applies when you wish to receive blessing for the initiation - Diksha - from God for your Kriya Yoga practice. You can select any date - but should follow exact procedure and take one full day just for God!

God is Love

To fully open for God, love and bliss, you need to make more "space" within as well and open your heart to the utmost possible.

A few preparatory steps may help you to do so and some additional thoughts about YOUR life and attitude toward YOURSELF and others as well may be needed.

First let me give you a short experience I had a some time ago in the Philippines:

One day there was another - very old (apparently 90+) looking - women

I was taking place near her - and looking at her it was very obvious - she forgot to return home to God! So I told her - "it is time for you to go home!" The women however replied that she cannot go home, she needs to suffer more here as she has many sins.

You see - it was her totally wrong attitude that prevents any kind of divine bliss or uplifting and freeing love to heal or help her on her spiritual path. Being just about bones and skin and very little life-force left - she thinks herself of being a sinner - just as it is taught again and again by so many Christian priests day after day. Here we are in a VERY Christian oriented country in the Philippines. Hence such thoughts and attitudes are very common.

Many other encounters in Europe and some of the other approximately 40 countries I have been working or traveling in showed similar results. Particularly among Christians.

Hence - step number 1 for your blessing ceremony preparation:

The positive affirmation - I am a child of God - I want to love and help and support all others here on earth - hence I am worth all bliss and love God ever may have for me.

Every single person on earth is "worth" being loved and freed by God's love anytime during THIS incarnation. anyone and everyone has the divine right to return home for the remainder of eternity - by the end of THIS incarnation!

Remember the spiritual newsletter about "divine accounting" - YOU as well need to

  • love others
  • help others
  • support the needy ones
  • heal the ill ones
  • love the lonely ones on earth
  • feed the hungry ones
  • love God - and be of pleasant nature and attitude rather than being a "problem child" in trouble on earth

All the love and bliss flowing through YOU also needs to flow OUT of you toward others and toward God again to allow love and bliss to FLOW.

Learn to be of pleasant nature to God, to God's entire creation and hence also to all nature and mankind on earth!

If you need to change your life to align it with some truly divine goals - then do it step by step at the greatest possible pace - there is NO reason for any delay except your ego and your own attachments or laziness.

Your entire life can easily bee changed within a single day. all you need to do is to make the very first TRUE steps NOW these seconds rather than "later"!

The next step of preparation for the blessing ceremony is: Before the date selected by you - you should ...

Start to be of true help and spiritual benefit to others and prove your love by

  • Giving to totally "foreign" persons some flowers (bought or picked in nature or from your own garden) as a physical and more direct proof of YOUR love for anyone and everyone. may be a dozen of flowers - one for each person. about half for persons of YOUR gender and the remainder for persons of OPPOSITE gender - as a proof that YOU are in peace with your gender as well as the opposite gender.
  • Give at least one hungry person something to eat - a complete delicious meal
  • Donate a honest amount to a single person in need (if for any reason you have no daily income - then it would be time to start to be productive in some way for others. in case you have no income - you would donate the amount a honest and hard working qualified person in your country would be able to share with the poor an needy ones!
  • Give a honest amount for any truly spiritual cause - for example citizens from India may visit a guru near them or a saddhu and bring an envelope containing the honest amount - as they all are servants of God and of mankind while spending often all their life in modesty and most of the time in poverty. do it with love and humbleness.
  • Start to support actively God's creation by actively living the first and great commandment of love yourself day by day.
  • Make a firm and true plan on how you could make this planet a little MORE beautiful - for example by planting some flowers just for others or FOR God - somewhere in NATURE or on public property. select some flowers that last several years and multiply or renew on their own. mankind has actively destroyed so many thousands of square kilometers of nature that PLANET urgently needs YOUR active help for a CURE needed to allow future AND present generations to SURVIVE and find acceptable conditions of living on this planet. you may also plant a few fruit trees on public property making some LOCAL fruits available to ALL, or you may plant some spiritually beneficial trees such as Ginkgo Biloba or Eucalyptus - depending on the climate zone you are living in. you may want to learn MORE about nature and get actively involved in maintaining nature. be a living and active example for all others and others will follow you with love. start to realize this plan as soon as possible
  • Learn to take MORE time for YOUR inside life - to assess all your life, your past and present. learn what in your life truly is spiritually important, what is truly beneficial WITHOUT any damage on behalf of others or nature. only activities FREE of any environmental pollution can be called beneficial for ALL creation.
  • Take time to do something for God - just imaging YOURSELF being father of many children - how much would YOU love to hear your children singing some sweet love songs just FOR YOU or how much would you enjoy seeing YOUR children dancing and enjoying LIFE together with ALL others IN PEACE AND LOVE with ALL others as well.
  • Invite God to COME INSIDE YOUR HEART every day in a peaceful and quiet time of prayer and meditation at first and later you learn to do so ALL the time. let your heavenly father participate in all your thoughts, experiences, daily activities and always include HIS point of view in your decision making. remember that God always loves ALL - hence God is FREE of judgment for or against any single being. the happy survival of ALL creation is all God is ever concerned about.
  • Learn to talk MORE freely with ANYONE and EVERYONE - learn to share all your thoughts, experiences, fears even in public and among ALL your friends. this will dramatically help to open more for a much faster change within on YOUR spiritual path of love to God.
  • Take regular time to read, study AND apply true spiritual teachings such as received by YOUR guru from spiritual books - such as the teachings of the cyberspace ashram, the Gita, yoga sutras of Patanjali and similar books. There are but a few truly spiritual books and teaching available - learn to recognize them and apply these valuable teachings IN YOUR LIFE - in all situations of YOUR life.

Every tree starts with a tiny seed, even children can plant seeds and enjoy the blessings! On your selected day of blessing ceremony - you should ...

  • Prepare yourself by getting up well rested - that implies you getting timely to bed the night before. take a shower to be really fresh. look at such a day like if YOU are going to meet a beloved lover for the first time again after a very long period of separation
  • Be clean and properly, BUT very comfortably dressed.
  • Get some beautiful and nice smelling flowers, like roses, jasmine, lotus flowers or similar ones - if necessary the day before - JUST for God and a few extra flowers for someone else - your living partner, family members or anyone else. give them with love and look at these persons as children of God being lost on this planet as well and hoping to receive YOUR love and help on the way back home to God.
  • Take ALL day time for God - and if you have a family - consider them being part of God and spend the time with your family in love. They all need love and God's love is flowing through you to your beloved ones and all mankind on earth.

By 1200 hrs GMT you should take time of total peace and silence for about ONE hour. spend this time either in true and possibly wild nature, in a park, a spiritual retreat, an empty and silent church or chapel, an empty and silent temple or in YOUR home.

Create and assure the greatest possible silence - turn TV and radio off if necessary, UNPLUG your telephone and switch your cell phone OFF for this sacred time of love with God.

Make sure you really have this time just for you and God!

Make sure you are in a very comfortable position - fully relaxed and silent. remain in this position for many minutes to fully calm down and then concentrate on kutashta only and pray to God:

"Dear God - Please love me free"

Just this single one sentence - do it with sweet love and be ready to allow God to enter your body, your mind, your soul, your heart and fill you more and more with love and divine bliss. after a short while or even instantly you will FEEL God's presence within YOU. allow this presence within yourself as long as possible - even hours - but at least a half an hour at the beginning.

Once you successfully started to "HOST" God within yourself - you may then repeat this again and again - daily - even many times a day and especially before putting YOUR body asleep each time for as long as you like or as you feel it beneficial.

You will feel peace and love within - filling your life and your body more and more. healing of physical illness make occur - even spontaneously.

All healing is just a matter of allowing divine love flowing through your physical body and your spiritual body as well.

Your life will change - become more love filled and more loving in all aspects.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pray to God and ask God to do Kriya Yoga for you

Pray to God and ask God to do Kriya Yoga for you to verify proper Kriya Yoga technique. Every now and then it is advised to pray to God and ask for guidance in your proper Kriya Yoga technique - particularly your Kriya pranayama! Careful readers of the Cyberspace Ashram teachings should remember my advice:
Then ask for help - pray to God - and watch carefully - God then will repeat a few time proper Kriya Yoga within your own body to show you how it is done correctly - watch and then practice yourself.
A current situation shows that disciples sometimes skip or forget to repeat that quest to God. Remember that diksha received is powerful and valid only when you accept God as your Kriya Yoga Guru and thus when you pray to God for feedback and guidance.
For all advanced kriya yogi with more than 3 hrs daily kriya pranayama practice it is of utmost importance to do your pranayama exactly. Needless to say that you follow exactly all rules and never mix up 2 or more different techniques from different sources.
Remember the published rule:
After a few thousand or several thousand hours of successfully practicing prana breathing during your Kriya Pranayama while at the same time continuously increasing the number of Kriyas performed each day, you may then reach the point where finally the true Kriya Pranayama STARTS. To reach this point you may now practice 6 - 12 hours of Kriya Pranayama each day or even more !!
That means if you do many years kriya yoga already and still do only 3 or so hours a day, then you failed to follow the rules and thus fail to succeed! Kriya pranayama needs to be increased steadily until Samadhi. Any limited kriya pranayama in your practice is proof of lack of sincere intentions to actually become one with God!
Either do all and correctly or wait until a later incarnation when your desire to love and return home is true and absolute. Kriya yoga is to achieve God union and for nothing less. True life starts beyond Maha Samadhi.
All sincere kriya yogi should ask God repeatedly - may be every few months or so - to do kriya pranayama for you a few times. Then monitor God's kriya pranayama and repeat on your own as shown by God to you.
Make sure you read and follow all the instructions given to you in the Cyberspace Ashram and follow all the rules exactly. Any deviation from the rules may end in a waste of time and life and may eventually result in lack of spiritual progress and lack to achieve Samadhi. If you do kriya yoga properly - including the entire part of working and cleaning up your entire life for many years and still have may have skipped or short cut some of the rules given.
Learn to let go from earthly life. Learn to get in peace with all and forgive all. Practice daily work for the benefit of others. Be useful and helpful in all your life. Chose a useful work that serves God and all mankind no matter the money. Have happiness and wellbeing of others as a primary goal in all your work. Be free from any attachment - including free from attachment to Guru, to family, to friends, to property. Work to clean up your karma and mess in life to have an orderly life all the way.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ego and Nirbikalpa Samadhi

Ego and Nirbikalpa Samadhi
Learn to understand the difference between selfish personality and the state of loving personality needed to achieve oneness with God. To enter Nirbikalpa Samadhi, all your ego needs to be dissolved in love. This is achieved in regular and intense practice of true Kriya Yoga.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

God Yoga

God Yoga

A powerful prayer to open for healing love from God

God Yoga is brought to you by God as a gift of Love to all mankind - it is a new and most powerful technique suitable for all those who want to learn to fully open their heart and soul for the blessing and healing aspect of divine love coming from God. the very first time it was given to all mankind was Christmas time of the year 2000 at the very beginning of a new spiritual era on this planet.

You may practice God Yoga in addition to Kriya Yoga or whatever other Yoga you practice on your path of Love to God-realization. it may be forwarded by YOU to anyone you love, to anyone that needs and accepts your love and God's DIVINE AND HEALING LOVE.
.... View complete instructions for God Yoga
From the  Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love.