Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kriya Yoga, God and Love, Know your goal and priorities in life and maintain your focus toward that goal

Know your goal and priorities in life and maintain your focus toward that goal
Know your goal and priorities in life and maintain your focus toward that goal
Your goal is YOUR responsibility alone. If YOU wish to achieve YOUR goal, you are the only one to invest time, efforts and money to achieve Y(OR goal - whatever i8t takes. Else you may fail because others invest ALL into distracting you, into keeping you busy with chit chat and trash - away from YOUR goal because they want you to stay on earth and serve THEIR agenda.

In your spiritual life you may find THOUSANDS of people actively interested and working toward keeping YOU AWAY from God and from your spiritual practices. In the most simple way by keeping you busy or distracting you with simple chit chat to “steal” your time otherwise used for your spiritual exercises such as Kriya Yoga (kriya pranayama).

As a spiritual person practicing true kriya pranayama for extended periods of time daily and over many months or years, you automatically become a sun of God’s love, a source of life-force for others around you or connecting WITH you by phone call, Skye or chat or any other methods such as forum or Facebook discussions, etc.

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Learn about God and Love from the Cyberspace Ashram for Jesus Kriya Yoga, God and Love to safely return home to God.

Monday, January 28, 2013

How to Study the Spiritual Treasures - Yahoo! Voices -

How to Study the Spiritual Treasures - Yahoo! Voices -

When people download the "Spiritual Treasures" and see that I have some 39988 files integrated into the "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition", then many may be like paralyzed in front of so many pages and graphics / pictures to study. Some may ask "how can I ever learn and practice so much?" You can, if you do it all day by day,k step by step until all done.

I assure you every single page, picture or graphic makes spiritual sense and really intended to be studied and applied in daily life or converted into spiritual progress. Kriya Yoga in its ancient traditional teaching as originating from Jesus always includes useful work, sharing and helping others in addition to all "secret" of meditation and kriya pranayama technique.

Imagine how people were feeling when they started many thousand years ago the world famous "Banaue rice terraces" in the Philippine islands. Imagine how their sons or daughters might have felt if fathers and mothers would have told their children to keep working another 2000 or 3000 years until all rice terraces successfully completed.
Imagine how I would have felt when God would have told me in 1995 during or following repeated oneness with God, that I may have to sit behind laptops for the next more than 15 years, earn hundred thousands of dollars first, then invest all during 60'000+ working hours to create the current 45'000+ files of "Spiritual Treasures" and "Spiritual Treasures Bonus".

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

How to pray to God

How to pray to God

How to pray to God when God doesn't answer my prayers

Then your prayers are either stubborn or non-loving / demanding
you simply fail to enter a true love relationship WITH God as being your very best friend. Talk to God like to your very best friend - with Love and have faith in His Love for You - God is Love - God loves you !!!
Many address their prayers with a title for God - such as "Sir" or any other very distant inner attitude ... THAT never is a successful method to enter a Love relationship with God !

How would you love to talk to your very best friend - the one you fully surrender all your life - the one you have full faith in - the one you truly trust all your secrets and problems and talk about all your adventures, mistakes and happenings ?
That is the way to talk to God in your prayer !

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love

Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love

Created and published online from 31 July 1997 - 17 May 2012

also known as the Cyberspace Ashram

Kriya Yoga also is known as Jesus secret teachings among Christianity and under a variety of different names in other cultures around the globe for thousands of years. Kriya means purification of loving heart as a means to Yoga = God union. Kriya Yoga is created by God and a gift of love to all mankind. Kriya Yoga as taught and published by the Cyberspace Ashram is Jesus Kriya Yoga or God's Kriya Yoga with a clear emphasis on its original root and goal - God and Love.
Please read this page carefully to find the complete details on Kriya Yoga teachings and sacred teachings of Love. The entire previous Cyberspace Ashram's online content of some 144'000 files has been cleaned up and condensed into the current offline version and is available in full as instant FREE Download of:

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Kriya Pranayama Introduction

Kriya Pranayama Introduction

This chapter is about the basics of Kriya Pranayama only. The detailed powerful technique of Kriya Pranayama is contained in the diksha page of the Spiritual Treasures in full detail including animated graphics for utmost clarity.

The metaphysical physiology of Kriya Pranayama

Kriya Pranayama is the most important of all techniques of Kriya Yoga. In this chapter, we have a look on the physiology of this holy technique. How it affects or improves the quality of your metaphysical body, i.e. causal body, mental body, astral body. Of course if your light-bodies raise their vibration, your physical body will be affected accordingly.
In a later chapter you may find the link to the page for Diksha - initiation - to the holy technique of Kriya Yoga, including the full details on how to perform Kriya Pranayama.
Kriya Yoga is called a "scientific method of self-realization". Scientific, because it can be practiced by anyone and if properly done, everyone will achieve the exactly same results: God-Union = oneness with God and self-realization.
This chapter does in no way constitute an initiation to this sacred technique. This article shall only be limited to the effects of Kriya Pranayama on your light-body. The description of the actual technique shall be received from a true guru or from the "Diksha - chapter" of this web site as a direct gift of Love from God to you.
This article however shall help all interested and all those of you who have received diksha to better understand the technique and its effect. In a later chapter we shall also have a look at the physiology of Bhakti Yoga and Karma Yoga.
Read complete chapter on  Kriya Pranayama Introduction from the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love. Jesus teaching love including the sacred teachings of kriya yoga are available for free download in the Spiritual Treasures.