Saturday, January 19, 2013

How to pray to God

How to pray to God

How to pray to God when God doesn't answer my prayers

Then your prayers are either stubborn or non-loving / demanding
you simply fail to enter a true love relationship WITH God as being your very best friend. Talk to God like to your very best friend - with Love and have faith in His Love for You - God is Love - God loves you !!!
Many address their prayers with a title for God - such as "Sir" or any other very distant inner attitude ... THAT never is a successful method to enter a Love relationship with God !

How would you love to talk to your very best friend - the one you fully surrender all your life - the one you have full faith in - the one you truly trust all your secrets and problems and talk about all your adventures, mistakes and happenings ?
That is the way to talk to God in your prayer !

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