Thursday, December 27, 2012

Kriya Yoga, God and Love, How to support the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love

Kriya Yoga, God and Love, How to support the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

God Union

God Union

Spiritual progress and development can basically take place in two different ways.
  1. Within and during physical incarnation working toward and reaching God-Realization through God Union oneness with God
  2. Working gradually on your spiritual development during the course of many incarnations, moving step by step up into higher spheres of vibration
    until you finally reach God-Union and thus God-Realization
Let's first have a look at the second one. Incarnation by incarnation moving upward with your vibration toward God-Realization. This means working your self out of the cycle of physical reincarnation, astral reincarnation, causal reincarnation, reaching soul-realization and finally God Union = oneness with God. In between the physical dimension of existence and soul-realization there are hundreds of different spheres to pass through. This is a very common way nowadays. It means that you may live a "normal" non-spiritual life without any efforts to spiritually learn. But of course the Divine creation is made a certain way that keeps people learning without realizing it. The grace and mercy of the Divine is of such loving nature that everything we live and suffer through leads to an efficient learning process of our Divine Being. Meaning that during the course of numerous incarnations we continuously learn and spiritually progress, sometimes during the course of dozens or hundreds of incarnation, until we finally find ourselves involved in a conscious search of the Divine, thus starting to speed our efforts to progress faster and faster. Our soul starves for the Love of our heavenly father, our cosmic eternal lover and we suddenly and willingly drop everything that could ever have separated us from becoming one with our beloved source of Love.
As we drop more and more behaviors, desires and wishes that might have caused us to stay away from our beloved one, we come closer and closer, starting to perceive - first behind the dust of ignorance - small brilliant sprinkles of the Divine Love surrounding us all the time. As we get closer to our source, we perceive more and more precisely the loving truth of God and ourselves as his Divine Children and our efforts supported by our ever increasing enlightenment of our consciousness and awareness of his almighty Love, this Divine Love is acting like a infinite magnetic power the closer we get to God. All we need to do, is just drop more and more of what ever was separating us from him and he, the Divine will carry us back to our Divine Home on his vibration of Divine Love. We may easily fly on our wings of Love - on our way to God. The more we concentrate on God and Love, the more of his Divine vibration of Love is entering our being. Devotion of life and your daily work

Monday, December 3, 2012

What is Your Goal in Life?

Do you have a precise personal goal in life that includes your spiritual development and return home to God and are you truly heading toward your personal goal?
What is your personal goal in life? Do you know goals and do you work toward a goal in your life ? Learn to set up priorities and one clear life goal and then reach your goal in a scientific method like champions and great people of all times do.
Did you ever seriously think about it?

Do you have many goals and the priority even changes every once in a while?
Can you clearly and positively describe your present incarnation's single most and only goal in a short single sentence?

Making up your single and only priority in life as a key to success is important. many God seekers happen to have no clear goal at all. some just want to escape this planet or their present situation in business or family. To reach God however you truly and sincerely need to make a positive decision and affirm it again and again.

After having read the chapter about the magic of words and about the principle of samyama you should be aware of the importance on how to mentally or verbally affirm your goal in order to reach it at all.

If you truly have a spiritual goal in this incarnation you may need to learn to positively affirm this goal again and again. writing this single goal onto a peace of paper and put it at a place to see it daily helps you.

If you have a spiritual goal and one or more material goals, your life may become a turmoil as the two may easily conflict with each other and tear you in opposite directions.

Keep in mind that you have eternity to find your way back home or you may decide this incarnation to be your very last one.

If you ever should decide this incarnation to be your very last one - then it surely is time to pack your bundle and start moving. there is plenty to do and thinking that all this may be done later may result in a situation described in the chapter later may be too late. the fact that YOU ARE HERE is the single and absolute proof that in earlier incarnations it was too late when you started your spiritual path. do you really want to repeat this cycle of reincarnation again and again?
To end the cycle of reincarnation may take as much as several ten thousands of hours of intense spiritual practice such as 20'000 to 30'000 hours of kriya pranayama in addition to many ten thousands or up to hundred thousand or more hours of true, sincere and intense practical application of all your have spiritually learned. time is relative and the required time finally depends on the purity of divine love that you develop. in normal cases it takes dozens of incarnations to end the cycle of reincarnation for most people. however it truly is possible to finish this cycle by the end of the present incarnation if this is your true, sole and final goal in this incarnation. if love is all and the only motivation of all you ever do. if to love and help ALL others is all you ever have in mind and if you allow all divine bliss and love to flow into you and uplift you.

Spiritual development is a long lasting process that takes many hundred thousands of years and may last even many millions of years or longer. after all it is a process that all can shorten when working full time and with all the power of your heart and soul toward that one single goal.

You first need to make up your mind - and find a single and only priority in life. if spirituality is important to you and you can positively say YES to God realization and God-union - to Love in all and any situation of life - then you will need to develop willpower to achieve this goal. You also will need to develop common sense and good judgment to always recognize anything that might ever pull you out of your most direct and straightforward path to God. as soon as recognizing any deviation from your most direct path of love to God - re-adjust your direction and keep asking and praying to God to help you to stay attuned on your path of love. put all your energy into that single goal - freedom and love in God is an eternal achievement beyond any earthly description or experience and far beyond the value of anything material you ever could achieve on earth. God-union is a goal really worth to strive for but to reach such a divine goal you truly and fully need to concentrate ALL your efforts of TODAY toward reaching such a divine goal - else you may find yourself again somewhere - sometime - in a physical body. again and again - just as you do NOW!

It is your freedom to make any decision you like and love...


Keep in mind that you should refrain - eternally - from any later complaints when illness, pain, diseases and old age are hitting you one day - just as a result of regular earthly life. it always is and was your own and sole decision and your present situation on earth is the sole result of YOUR previous incarnations and YOUR previous decisions YOU ever made before. have you recently lost a friend, husband or wife, children, sisters or parents, did you lose a job are are you fearing the loss of your job, are you fearing anything at all - like being left by a beloved one, or do you fear death or what's beyond death ? are you ever dissatisfied, frustrated, stressed or even angry due to a present or past situation in your family, job, political, economical or other condition in your life ? this all is the result of lack of spiritual drive in your present of past incarnations.
YOU may change such situation immediately - if you make spiritual progress your full time job as of today and working just a carrier to get you along through the many places and lessons needed to spiritually progress and prosper. many helpful topics and explanations can be found in the various chapters of the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love web site - read, study, learn, understand and apply all of the Spiritual Treasures - for your benefit and the benefit of all mankind on earth and beyond. are you still hesitating on your path to God - hesitating in life generally

- then please

Look at the average population on this planet - that exactly is what is happening to mankind focusing on earthly and material development and values rather than on spiritual development. how many millions are suffering from cancer, BSE, AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, MS, alcoholism, drug abuse, war, violence, malnutrition, and many other violent and painful illnesses worldwide. how many people are leaving their present physical body in a normal way - a normal way is experienced by all true God seekers having conducted a life filled with love - nothing but love - a normal "death" means being completely healthy and physically fit one day and going to bed - sleeping - and dropping the body while asleep - just to wake up beyond. how many percent of all mankind has achieved a state of spiritual development to leave their present body in such divine peace ?? ask your friends, family members and look around. probably you will find that far less than 10 percent are leaving their body in health and peace, ALL OTHERS are losing their body to their karma just to pick up another one for the coming incarnation to be a straight and direct continuation of the present one.
Is this what you truly and really want?

Please make up your mind and wake up from all your dreams ...
  • dreams of first enjoying life - how can you enjoy life in a prison on earth - your physical body is a prison for your soul - making you blind for all the remainder of God's divine creation, the emotions of all others and more.
  • dreams of first enjoying money, wealth and career and start your spiritual path later - when later ? when you are old and broken by your karma and the many illnesses most are suffering in old age on this planet - how could you ever have then the power of will and physical power you need to go through all the many ten thousands of hours of kriya pranayama, spiritual practice, meditation, karma yoga, loving of all mankind and more ...
  • dreams of going to God without ever having worked for it at all - after a life of enjoyment, selfishness and material greed and stinginess would you ever find a path through your own aura? to dissolve all in love needs continuous time and continuous efforts for years and decades - for the entire remainder of your present incarnation as of today!
Remember that you all are free - free to make any decisions necessary - free to change anything in life needed to attain more and real happiness and love in all situations. but YOU need to make all the decisions and changes - once YOU made all this steps you then will feel that God was but waiting all the time until YOU made up your mind and allowed him to assist you and uplift you - but you need to emphasize this decision day after day again and again by positively affirming your sole and only priority of life being a true and eternal oneness in God and love.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Merry Christmas Message - Love and Forgiveness

A Message of love - words and thoughts how to enjoy Christmas year after year - day in day out - each day can be a Christmas day - a day of genuine love.
A world or creation without passion would appear to be our entire nature without butterflies, without blossoms, without rosebushes and wild flowers, without loving couples, without loving allies, without beloved anbelbabies of our own. It is the wonder of our entire nature that is a manifestation of God's love for us all as a sample of how you should acquire to be to all our close family around us. Our own living should reflect the same amount of purity in our divine being toward all. Nature is a reflection of Supreme Being - all beauty and manifold loving expressions of nature shall help us to appreciate the nature of passion to be grown within.

Christmas time is a special occasion to:
  • forgive all
  • .
  • ask for pardon even from all the "perished" ones.
  • give love in many different ways to all your family, relatives, neighbors and "foreigners".
  • enhance the feeling within yourself of being a member of a far larger family than your physical home.
  • and ultimately but MOST significant - Christmas is a feast of BLISSFULNESS given to you spiritually from Supreme Being and all dear ones back home in God!! open yourself for all divine bliss, forgiveness and divine help that is provided TO YOU by some others AND Supreme Being. to do so however you NEED to desist from getting intoxicated on Christmas, from over-eating or wasting all Christmas time with traveling to all different relatives or different dates.
Take it easy. loosen up and relax these upcoming days. every day is Christmas - it is UP TO YOU to make the right inner mental attitude and opening up for passion toward others AND from others within YOUR SELF!

Serenity and quiet. decreased activenesses. more time for your most direct families. when possible NO other engagements or travel may help you most to actually EXPERIENCE all offered bliss.

What ever is extended to you from Supreme Being either gets into YOUR heart and soul or is wasted permanently! or at least until another such day - may be next year Christmas or decades later!

Divine bliss from God and passion NEVER can be stored and picked up later. Either YOU take the time and create the condition and surroundings needed or all the love flows toward others! there is year round a huge quantity of love and bliss available from God and your Guru and other loving souls, but Christmas is a prolonged period FOR ALL PLANET - for all cultures and all religions! Please open your heart and accept all passion and blissfulness - for your benefit as well as for the importance of all your darling ones.

Please present some modest givings also to absolute "outsiders" and neighbors - blossoms even a single blossom may open YOUR and their heart, or any similar small gifts from your heart - to open up your heart toward all ways! Every day is Christmas - each day is a day to passion, for gifts of love. Christmas present are meant to make delight of life and immediate lasting felicity, hence Christmas present are gifts of passion coming from the bottom of your heart. The most cherished you can give as a Christmas present is your love, your time, your life, all of you if needed. Supreme Being shall honor you for what you have given to desperate ones. In need of your passion, your nutrient or your help.

Be a solution of passion for others around you rather than a origin of strain or load. Forgive all, ease the life of others with the givings you got from Supreme Being, help and protect those who have lost freedom and peace of mind in their lives.

Remember Jesus teachings of love:

Love all
forgive all
reconcile with all
pray to God only.

God bless you all - Merry Christmas time

The complete teachings of love with detailed Kriya Yoga teachings and a large collection of Christmas messages are part of the Siritual Treasures - available for free download by bittorrent.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love

Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love

Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love

The source for solutions to all your problems in life is God and God's teachings of love is available to all world for free download.

"Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition"

Created and published online from 31 July 1997 - 17 May 2012

also known as the Cyberspace Ashram
Please read this page carefully to find the complete details on Kriya Yoga and sacred teachings of Love.

Dear God,
        please love me free 
Welcome on the path of love home to God!

Learn to apply Solutions of Love for all Situations of Life. The FREE download file "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" = 3.55GB compressed with 39988 files contains the complete Initiation to the holy science of Kriya Yoga and God Yoga and the complete teachings of love in a convenient offline reading format suitable for tablets, computers and laptops.

The holy science of Kriya Yoga helps you to apply true love in all situations of life to make your life happier. Kriya Yoga is the science of divine love toward God-realization. All Kriya Yoga teachings of the holy science can be found in the "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" as a final gift of love from God to all world. At the conclusion of all creation time from April 1997 until May 17th, 2012 all online content now is converted into an easy to share and convenient to use offline version of all previous spiritual online content from the original Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love. 39988 files are available to learn Kriya Yoga offline at home. The complete "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" contains all Kriya Yoga techniques and complete holy initiation to Kriya Yoga by God's blessings.

Kriya Yoga is the holy science of applying God's love into all aspects of your being and personality. Kriya Yoga will thus dissolve your ego to free your soul and reunite you with God. Kriya Yoga is free to all, free from any religion or beliefs and has as its only source God's love. To learn Kriya Yoga you find all teachings online and free to all here in the Cyberspace Ashram. The practice of Kriya Yoga is available to all of any age, any gender, any race, any nationality wishing to love above all. To ease your practice of Kriya Yoga, you'll find a large number of assisting chapters online and free to all. All sections of the "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" serve but one purpose: To show you God is Love and to encourage you to focus on love in all your life. Learn to forgive like God, learn to love like God, practice Kriya Yoga as a loving teaching given to all mankind by God.

The ultimate goal of Kriya Yoga is to help you to reconnect with God, to get God's love flowing through you and heal you until you become one with God. To achieve this goal, you need to open for God. A repeated deep Love Prayer will help you.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Kriya Yoga Regeln zur Einweihung und zum Leben

Grundregeln deines spirituellen Lebens auf dem Weg zu Gott:

Kriya Yoga Regeln zur Einweihung

Die Technik des Kriya Yoga sollte erst nach Erlangen des ersten vollkommenen Nirbikalpa Samadhi mit Gott-Vereinigung an andere weitergegeben werden. Den Segen dazu kann nur Gott dir geben.
Als freies heiliges Kind bist du von Gott geschaffen, frei sollst du auch bleiben und zu Gott gehen dürfen. Vollkommen frei von jeglicher Verpflichtung einer Seele, Person oder Organisation gegenüber.
Gott wird dein Guru sein auf dem Weg in deine göttliche Heimat. Er mag dich direkt führen oder dir einen physischen Guru schicken - was immer besser, liebevoller und effizienter für dich und alle Beteiligten ist. Die Liebe von und zu deinem Guru wird dich zu Gott führen, jedoch sollst du Gott alleine anbeten und über alles lieben. Nur göttliche Liebe soll zwischen dir und deinem auserwählten Guru sein.
Kriya Yoga ist ein sehr mächtiges "Fahrzeug" auf dem Weg zu Gott, aber die Liebe zu Gott ist der einzige "Treibstoff" der dich auch sicher zu Gott führt und dieses "Fahrzeug" in Bewegung hält.
Gott ist die Quelle allen Seins, aller Liebe, aller Schöpfungen. Gott ist dein Ursprung und sollte dein alleiniges Ziel sein.
Strebe auf deinem spirituellen Weg immer zu Gott. Achte und liebe alle Menschen im Himmel wie auf Erden, aber trachte nach Einheit mit Gott in allem was du tust, fühlst und denkst.
Alles ist durch Gott geschaffen und Gott in allem enthalten. Alles Leben ist durch Gott. Also lerne alles zu lieben, dich selbst lieben zu lassen von allen und alle Wesen der Schöpfung, den Planeten der dich ernährt, Menschen, Tiere, Pflanzen, alle Wesen jenseits des physischen zu lieben von ganzem Herzen und aus tiefster Seele.
Führe ein Leben in Harmonie mit der vollkommenen, göttlichen Liebe. Beachte die Regeln von Yama und Niyama, lerne sie zu verstehen und auf dem Weg des Lieben-Lernens anzuwenden bis du in der Lage bist, die innewohnende göttliche Liebe frei zu leben und sein.
Reinige Körper und Geist durch gesunde Nahrung, reine Getränke und Gedanken der Liebe in allen Situationen deines Seins.
Führe ein Leben dessen wichtigster Inhalt vollkommene göttliche Liebe ist. Übe in Beruf, Freizeit und Privat Tätigkeiten aus, die du in vollkommener Harmonie mit der dir innewohnenden göttlichen Liebe ausüben kannst.
Wähle Lebensziele, die dich stetig deinem spirituellen Ziel näher-bringen. Löse dich laufend von allen Bindungen an irdisches.
Sei ein bewusster Gast auf Erden, bewusst dass du jederzeit innert Sekunden die Erde und jeden beliebigen Aufenthaltsort verlassen kannst. Hinterlasse alles stets in reinlicher Ordnung und bleibe in jeder Hinsicht immer frei.
Sei jederzeit bereit alles loszulassen, was du besitzt oder tust. Gott kümmert sich um alles, auch um all deine irdischen und sonstigen Angelegenheiten.
In allen Situationen deines Lebens solltest du lernen zu lieben
Liebe möge aus deinen Händen fliessen wenn du arbeitest oder jemanden berührst,
aus deinen Augen wenn du jemand anschaust,
aus deinen Worten wenn du jemand ansprichst,
aus deinen Gedanken wenn du an jemanden denkst,
aus deinem Herzen wenn du Gefühle empfindest,
aus deinem ganzen physischen und feinstofflichen Körper
Liebe ist dein Wesen - Liebe ist die Manifestation deines Wesens, denn du bist ein Kind Gottes, Gott zum Bilde geschaffen.
Gott ist Liebe - so ist auch dein Wesen Liebe - denn du bist ein heiliges Kind Gottes
Liebe all diejenigen am allermeisten, die dir das Leben am schwierigsten zu machen "scheinen", es sind diejenigen, die dich Gott am nächsten bringen können, wenn du gelernt hast auch sie aus tiefster göttlicher Seele zu lieben.
Sei aus tiefster Seele Gott und allen beteiligten dankbar für alle Lektionen des Lebens, sie dienen dazu dich ein erwachsenes Kind Gottes werden zu lassen indem du in vielerlei verschiedene Energien eintauchen darfst, um darin zu wachsen und deine Heiligkeit zu verwirklichen und sein.
Da Gott Liebe ist - gibt es aus jeder Situation immer einen Weg der Liebe zu Gott
Jedes "Problem" lässt sich durch göttliche Liebe lösen. Liebe bis du alles im Leben und deinem gesamten Sein in Liebe tun kannst.
Sei ein Gast auf Erden - einem Engel gleich - hinterlasse nur Spuren der Liebe wo immer du erscheinst.
Mache deinen physischen Körper zu einem Tempel Gottes, aus Liebe geschaffen - zum Lieben geschaffen.

Kriya Yoga Informationen zur Einweihung

Kriya Yoga Informationen zur Einweihung im Cyberspace Ashram

Kriya Yoga - Die heilige Wissenschaft der Gottes-Verwirklichung und Gottes-Vereinigung

Kriya Yoga Informationen zur Einweihung

Kriya Yoga Meditation, Kriya Pranayama
und Betreuung Eingeweihter

Die komplette Einweihung in Kriya Yoga mit allen Informationen ist jetzt in allen Details auf den Seiten dieser Web Site des Cyberspace Ashram's enthalten - für all diejenigen Gottsucher, die sich aus tiefstem Herzen und reinster Seele an Gott als ihren Guru wenden können und wollen. Im Mai 2012, nach erfolgreichem Abschluss des Lebenswerkes sind alle Online-Texte in die Offline-Version "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" umgewandelt worden und zum sofortigen kostenlosen Download erhältlich.

Die wahre Einweihung in Kriya Yoga erfolgt durch Gottes Segnung

Der Mensch ist ein Lichtwesen, das sein Bewusstsein durch verschiedene Bewusstseins-Träger zum Ausdruck bringen kann. Einmal im physischen Körper verankert, durchläuft das menschliche Bewusstsein einen Lern- und Bewusstseins-Erweiterungsprozess. Dieser Entfaltungsprozess dauert i. D. Regel viele Dutzend oder Hunderte von Inkarnationen. Dieser Vorgang kann wesentlich durch die Anwendung bestimmter, überwiegend feinstofflicher Techniken verkürzt werden.

Die erste Kriya Yoga Einweihung umfasst verschiedene Übungen, die dazu dienen

  • Die Chakren zu öffnen und zu reinigen
  • Energie Kanäle zu öffnen und durchlässig zu machen
  • das Bewusstsein und die Lebenskraft aus dem physischen Körper durch alle Hüllen (Astral- und Kausalkörper) hindurch in die Seele und zu Gott zurückzuführen
  • korrekte und erfolgreiche Kriya Yoga Meditations Techniken zu erlernen und zu praktizieren
  • feinstoffliche Körperhüllen zu reinigen und aufzulösen
  • Karma in göttlicher Liebe aufzulösen
Das Endziel des Kriya Yoga ist die Befreiung der bewussten Seele vom Kreislauf der Reinkarnation und deine Einheit in Gott. Daraus resultiert Heilung des Menschen und somit das Ende des Reinkarnations-Kreislaufs und letztendlich die vollkommene Befreiung der Seele durch Vereinigung mit Gott. Nur durch den physischen "Tod" kommst du zu Gott, durch Kriya Yoga bereitest du dich vor auf Maha Samadhi, den bewussten "Tod" durch Erlösung in göttlicher Liebe. Also keine Flucht, sondern nur durch intensivstes göttliches lieben, versöhnen mit allem und allen und durch auflösen aller Bindungen, allen Karmas erreichst du Freiheit in Liebe - Freiheit in Gott - für den Rest der Ewigkeit.
Sei bereit eine Inkarnation ganz und gar - mit Leib und Seele der Liebe - Gott - zu widmen, als einzige und alleinige Priorität im Leben. Dies geht natürlich auch in deiner Familie oder in einem Berufsleben - jedoch nach ganz genauen göttlichen Regeln. Genaues hierzu findest du auf den Seiten des Cyberspace Ashram. Lies, studiere und verstehe bitte ALLE Seiten, alle Kapitel, alle Verzeichnisse dieser Web Site - und du wirst die erforderliche stabile Basis haben, um sicher und in Liebe deinen Weg zu Gott zu Ende gehen zu können.

Kriya Yoga im ganzheitlichen Sinne beinhaltet ebenfalls

  • einhalten bestimmter Lebensregeln - geistiger Gesetze - in allen Lebenslagen. Zu Beginn sind dies besonders vollkommenes Verständnis und Anwendung von Yama und Niyama in allen Lebenslagen.
  • eine bewusste, spirituelle Lebensweise im Handeln, Denken und Fühlen
  • eine bewusste, reine Ernährung, die im Laufe des Fortschritts vegetarisch wird
  • einen spirituellen Umgang mit der ganzen Schöpfung in deinem gesamten Leben - allen Lebenssituationen. Dies ist im Text "Auf den Flügeln der Liebe - auf dem Weg zu Gott" ausführlich beschrieben.
  • die Befreiung seiner Seele und innersten göttlichen Wesens und als Lebensziel und -Zweck vollkommene Hingabe an Gott und ewige Freiheit in und bei Gott.
All diese erforderlichen Informationen, Erklärungen und Hilfen findest du in den Texten der "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" in Deutscher und Englischer Sprache.
Der anfängliche Zeitaufwand für Kriya Yoga pro Tag beträgt ca 90 Minuten. Im späteren Verlauf der Kriya Yoga Praxis verlängert sich dieser Zeitaufwand auf 3 Stunden oder mehr je nach Freiheits-Drang des Gott-suchenden. In der Fortgeschrittenen Lebensphase deines Kriya Yoga wirst du dein gesamtes Leben Gott und Werken der Liebe widmen.
Kriya Yoga ist eine wissenschaftliche Methode der Selbstverwirklichung und daraus resultierenden weitergehenden Gottesverwirklichung, die seit vielen Tausend Jahren von zahlreichen Menschen gelehrt und angewandt wurde. Viele grosse Heilige der letzten Jahrhunderte und Jahrtausende sind durch Kriya Yoga zur Befreiung ihrer Seele und Einheit mit Gott gelangt. Kriya Yoga ist frei von jeder Kirche und frei von jeglicher Religion, lässt es aber jedem Gottsucher offen, in seiner bisherigen Religionsgemeinschaft zu verbleiben. Die Wirkung des Kriya Pranayama ist auch im Kapitel mit Grafiken erläutert: "Feinstoffliche Physiologie des Kriya Pranayama"

Kriya Yoga Einweihung

Kriya Yoga ist eine viele Tausend Jahre alte indische Tradition, die in sehr ähnlicher Form auch von anderen spirituellen Traditionen in anderen Kulturkreisen dieses Planeten gelehrt wurde. Die Einweihung in Kriya Yoga kann durch intensivstes und vollkommenes Studium ALLER Texte "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" des Cyberspace Ashram gefunden werden. die komplette Einweihung - Diksha - beinhaltet:
  • das Vermitteln aller Techniken
  • das Vermitteln aller wichtigen Regeln, hierzu hast du dich reichlich und gründlich durch Selbststudium vorbereitet. Alle Texte und alle Seiten des Cyberspace Ashram dienen dir hierzu - bitte beachte auch die Lebensregeln für Kriya Yogi und Yogini
  • eine feinstoffliche Reinigung und Körper-Öffnung durch die direkte Anwesenheit deines Guru oder durch direkte Öffnung für Gottes Segen
  • Unterweisung in geistige Gesetze - dies erfolgt in intensivem Selbststudium dieser gesamten Texte. Individuelle Fragen werden dann im Rahmen der persönlichen Gespräche immer wieder geklärt.
  • Gottes Segen und Führung die dir deinen Weg in deine göttliche Heimat ebnen, erleichtern und beschleunigen.
All dies ist durch die komplette Einweihung, die du in den "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" des Cyberspace Ashram findest möglich. Sei bereit dich aus tiefster innerer Liebe dich direkt an Gott zu wenden und du wirst all das erhalten und finden was du je brauchen wirst auf deinem Weg der Liebe zu Gott.
Der wahrlich liebende Gottsucher wird immer alle weiteren Fragen durch Gottes Führung und Antworten von innen erhalten. Voraussetzung hierfür ist jedoch, dass du wirklich alles genau liest und Schritt für Schritt befolgst. So wie du spirituelle Fortschritte machst als Ergebnis deiner eigenen Anstrengungen und der täglich praktizierten Liebe in allen Lagen - so werden auch nach und nach alle deine Fragen geklärt und in Liebe aufgelöst werden. Gott wird dein Lehrer und Führer sein. Wende dich an Gott und du wirst Gott erreichen am Ende deines irdischen Lebens.
Weitere Anbieter von Kriya Yoga Einweihungen kannst du auch im Internet mit Hilfe der grossen Suchmaschinen finden. Bedenke, dass grosse Heilige wie Babaji und Lahiri Mahasaya viele fortgeschrittene spirituelle Schüler hatten und noch haben, die jetzt ihrerseits an verschiedenen Orten ihren heiligen Aufgaben im Namen Gottes nachgehen. Jeder ernsthafte Gottsucher wird einen für ihn geeigneten Guru finden. Sei bereit auch grössere Wege von VIELEN TAUSEND KILOMETERN zu REISEN! Bete zu Gott um Hilfe und sie wird dir gewährt. Sei jedoch auch bereit alle hierfür erforderlichen Schritte selbst zu gehen. Jede ernsthafte und beständige Bitte von einem Gottsucher wird immer erfüllt.
Wer kompliziert ist und an seinem Ego festhalten will - braucht einen physischen Guru. Wer liebend ist braucht nur Gott als Guru auf seinem Weg der Liebe für die heilige Einweihung in Kriya Yoga!
Der gesamte Text ist im vollständigen Original in der gepackten Datei "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" enthalten - Gesamt 39988 Dateien, 3.55 GB mit Heiligen Lehrtexten, Grafiken und Fotos und zum sofortigen kostenlosen Download per Bittorrent bereit.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A little bit of Kriya Yoga

A little bit of Kriya Yoga may be too much to die and is surely far too little to succeed

Most of all readers may very safely assume that they have been here on this very planet 1000 years ago, 2000 years ago, 3000 years ago, 4000 years ago and much before as well !!!
So why are you still here ? Of course you know it already. Some 2000 years ago all have very intensely been reminded of the path leading into freedom by Jesus - and nothing changed except for those few who followed his advice and made one single priority in life. All others going a little bit to church, praying a little bit and hoping a lot on others doing their work are still here. Jesus was kicking butts during his time - waking up sleeping ones, making them aware of the negative powers affecting all mankind, making all aware of the importance of true love in all situations ... and still most of all Christians continue going a little bit to church and loving a few people a little bit while doing lots of war and supporting lots of destruction and doing lots of profit business most of their time.
For one and the very same reason you are most likely still here - a little bit of spirituality, a little bit of Kriya Yoga, a little bit of love is simply far too little to make your way home - out of the cycle of physical reincarnation - out of all karma and attachments - out of all spiritual ignorance and darkness - out of the power of ego and ego forces from others acting on you.
Other ego forces love to accumulate and bind more "members" and followers to support and finance their ego oriented projects. Hence they too act actively and consciously against you - trying to bind you to matter and their limited worlds for as long as possible. All various political parties are more or less on an ego-trip - and much alike many churches or religious organizations. It is up to you to use common sense and intuition given by God to discover such play and walk out of their circle of influence into freedom.
Here on earth there will NEVER be paradise - if ever you want to experience love and freedom and eternal happiness - then you have to do a lot of Kriya yoga, a lot of loving a lot of people from a lot of different cultures and countries and religions, a lot of sharing and a lot of power directed toward your one and only goal - God and Love - else you may see that a little bit of everything you do leads to a little bit of freedom, a little bit of health, a little bit of happiness, a little bit of welfare, ... and a little bit of disaster, pain and destruction for all ... for a very long time.
Here on earth all that is is made by mankind, by ego - except nature that is being destroyed more and more by human society. Here on earth approximately 90% or so of all industrial activities and scientific research is counterproductive to the most direct spiritual efforts and to the most direct, most loving and most efficient learning to get in peace with all and to love all. Most of political, economical and industrial activities are more distracting from the spiritual goal of mankind than supporting any spiritual efforts at all. Hence the only way to still benefit from all this is by using much of present development as a negative example - as something to avoid rather than to reproduce or copy. In the year of global war against crime, terrorism and weapons of mass destruction we find a "self declared world leader" signing a defense bill of 400 Billion US $ and declaring that a certain part of that sum is for the research and development of advanced nuclear weapons - the number one of all weapons of mass destructions. And mankind still keeps on sleeping or conducting war against whoever - instead of loving and working toward peace and freedom in love with all.
How long does it take to totally change all your focus, all your goals, all orientation in your life ?
ONE minute at maximum - when you clearly think about the options of:
  • True direct efficient spiritual development within your self - in your home - developing love and the power of love to free yourself under your direct supervision and with direct support from God.
  • Continuing to conduct or finance war, increase global industrialization leading to more and more global pollution and destruction.
Then it should be very easy for you to instantly change your focus. making spiritual progress in no way keeps you from doing pleasant things in life - even here and now on earth. But it changes the acting forces ON YOU and hence also on all your children, partner and entire neighborhood. YOU decide where your efforts and your money goes, and by directing both you decide an essential part of all global development on your very own - day by day. While you may have no instantly visible effects on others - you surely have an instantly recognizable impact on your own destiny.

Mortal beings on earth always will be manipulated by other mortals on earth until they work their way up and home toward God. While mortals and mortal authorities may prevent you from almost anything they like - there is ONE way they all never can touch - YOUR door of love to God! However it is up to YOU to open that door - and there is but ONE key for that door: YOUR LOVE! There is but one thing needed to apply sufficient love to open that door for YOU = ALL your efforts!

A little bit efforts may always be too little to succeed.

From the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love - Spiritual lessons for life contained in the Spiritual Treasures with complete Kriya Yoga. Available for FREE download by Bittorrent.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Open for Divine Love and Bliss from God

Open for God

Open for Divine Love and Bliss from God

The physiology to open yourself for the Bliss and Love from God and find instant relief from any pressure, illness and stress. This chapter and all future chapters of this site will teach you how to open again for all divine help offered to you.
After reading all of the previous chapters of this site of the Cyberspace Ashram - you now may be ready for more practical application of all you have learned so far. In addition you may now be ready to learn some practical exercises that help you on your path of Love to God - in Love - with Love. Please note that reading and understanding all previous chapters of the text "on your wings of Love - on your way to God" on this site is a real and necessary prerequisite to build up more success. All previous chapters are the basis of all following chapters. All is meant to be practiced at once and is part of ONE single spiritual tradition - the tradition of Kriya Yoga on your path of Love to God.
The very basis of success on your path of Love to God is to apply Yama and Niyama to the fullest extent in all situations of your life. To an extent and perfection leading to the complete and perfect fulfillment of the Divine rules of life described on this site.
Mankind's energy system is an open circuit system. One part being open to allow energy to flow in and another part to allow energy to flow out. The entrance of the energy coming from God is on top of your head - the chakra is called Sahasrara chakra. This chakra is opened by YOU focusing on God and asking for his Love and Bliss - hence the Sahasrara chakra is opened by devotion and Love to God.
The muladhara chakra is at the lower tip of your spine and is the opening for all energy to flow out again. All excretion like stool and urine are leaving your body on the lower side of the trunk of your body - the same applies for the metaphysical energy. Energy feeding your soul and all part of your lightbody is coming from top - from God entering your being through the Sahasrara chakra and all "waste" and excess energy is leaving through muladhara chakra.
In the below graphic you see a view of a skeleton from the back. The red dots show the location of the entrance of the chakras into your spine. All these 7 chakras are in the horizontal center of the body. If you practice Kriya Pranayama and want to know exactly where the entrance into your physical of the chakra is - then simply ask God in a prayer to show you and be open for his guidance. You may then perceive his help by either seeing a light where all chakras are, or by feeling a vibration at its centers or by feeling any other sensation - like heat or warmth. To perceive such guidance may require advance performance on the application of yama and niyama and divine rules of life. But anyone really striving for Love and God will receive any guidance necessary to achieve the goal of his Divine desire.

How do we open for God, his Love and Bliss ?
The following exercise will show you how and lets you experience immediately how it feels. The following animated graphic shows you at the beginning an aura of a person with lots of stress and emotional turmoil. Like after a busy day or worries. Then you open up your Sahasrara chakra and let God's Love and Bliss flow from top through your aura, through all of your body including your physical body, including all your cells of your body, your mind, your emotions, even your karma !! At the same time you open your muladhara chakra to allow all disturbing energy to flow out of your body. ALL.
You need to have a real comfortable position for your body. God is anywhere, hence whether you are sitting or any other comfortable position is of least importance. However you should stay awake and be fully relaxed. Just to give this exercise a name, I will call it "lightshower". You may enjoy this lightshower every day, even several times a day, as much as you may enjoy a water-shower when working heavily. The minimum time to really benefit should be several from minutes up to an hour or even more.
As the animated picture below shows, the longer you practice it, the more your benefits, the better you feel. you may try it NOW for a half an hours or longer and feel how much more relaxed and free you feel. It is however important that you open yourself to God in a sincere prayer and attitude of Love and devotion. Allow God to take away anything that is a burden to you. Anything and everything. You are his beloved child and it makes God happy to relieve you of anything that is a burden or bothering you. It is a pleasure to God to Love you and let all his Love flow through you. You may do it as often as you love it and as often as as long as it helps you. You may do it when traveling in buses, trains, when waiting or having some spare time during work. You may benefit from this lightshower anytime, anywhere. After a few days, weeks or months you may even start to feel the vibration of God's divine Love or you may see the light he is sending you while you open for his Love and Bliss.

The lightshower
a shower of love and bliss from God

Open for God - take a "Light-Shower"
This is an excellent method to clean you of anything strange you pick up from your daily life before you reach your home. Afford yourself a lightshower before entering home to keep your home and family clean of any bothering energy. Bring all the Love and Bliss into your home and family. They will love it as much as you do.
If you are working with different customers in an office, you may practice a quick lightshower in-between 2 dates. After a few months or years of practice, you will succeed much more and a few minutes may make you feel much better. The more you open up completely, the more Love and Bliss from God is flowing through you and the more efficient this lightshower is getting. Preparing you for even more advanced Techniques such as Kriya Yoga. But even when practicing Kriya Yoga, you may first want to practice this lightshower for 10 to 20 minutes to be prepared for the God-realization technique of Kriya Yoga.

 Above article is a small excerpt from the "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" from the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love.

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Growing into freedom

Study the complete definition of freedom from the FREE Spiritual Encyclopedia

Freedom is divine - restore your freedom and support and maintain the freedom of all others

Freedom, the most valuable gift God gave mankind. How to achieve freedom. How to protect your freedom. Learn growing into freedom and enjoy to be free. Without freedom can be no love dwelling within, without love there is no reason to live!

God is Love

Find out what your status of freedom is and correct it where necessary
Freedom is the basis for Love to develop and the basis for health and The basis of general well being and happiness in your life.
Freedom is one of the most valuable gifts God gave to mankind. It is one of the most powerful as well, it let's you feel like a child of God - made to the image of God. But who of you truly feels like a child of God, who of you can truly say "I am free !" ? Let's have a look at freedom, what it is, how it feels and how to restore it.

To know exactly what freedom is, we may first have a look at a few examples of the opposite of freedom. The opposite of freedom is slavery.
The old fashioned slavery, where a person was property of another person still exists in certain countries - however usually in different forms than earlier. Modern slavery is different and often in disguise. Hundreds of Millions of people on this planet feel uncomfortable without knowing why. Often it is due to lack of absolute freedom. Freedom to do whatever they want, whenever they want.
Politicians may be slaves of their political party, of their own ideas, of their own beliefs and desires, of their own career or of their wish to be in a reputable position and to be mighty.

Citizens may be slaves of their country, of the politics in their country, being restricted in their activities, restricted in the free expression of their opinion, selection of jobs, selection of the educational system of their own choice, to travel or leave their own country. Managers may be slaves of their own business, position, investment, system, ideas, projects.

Partners within a family may be restricted from doing whatever they want, they may be restricted by their partner, by contracts of marriage, by their cultural system.

Children and babies may lose their freedom to their parents, to their teachers, to educational systems, to the government who deprives them of many potential rights and their divine freedom while being children, to the church or religion they have been made to belong to.

People may also be restricted in their freedom, behavior and activities by their religion, the church they belong to, their religious beliefs.

Or people may have lost their freedom to their family ties, financial burden, banks, suppliers, customers, debts, contracts they signed, marriage, their children or parents, their government or political system

The ways to lose your freedom are manifold. We will then have a close look at different precise situations, then you may have a look into your own situation, into your family, job, financial situation, political situation of your country of residence and / or origin and finally you may find out your very own status of freedom. You may realize exactly to what degree you really are free and you will learn to free yourself in peace and with love from all attachments, boundaries and restrictions, physical and mental. Those who benefit from your present situation may dislike it, but you certainly will enjoy it and it frees the potential within yourself to truly love all mankind and those who restricted your freedom previously as well. You may even be able to help those to get themselves free of their mighty position and become self dependent and responsible for their own life. Freedom is Divine - it was given by God to you and no one ever has the right to restrict your freedom even by the smallest degree. God gave you freedom and it always will remain your freedom. You and only you have the right to decide how YOU are going to handle your freedom.

Definition of freedom

When you have truly realized absolute freedom in your life, then you certainly know exactly how it feels to be free and what freedom is. To circumscribe or define the status of absolute Divine freedom may be difficult. Freedom is, if any day, any second of each days time you can do exactly what you want, what you decide, you can be where you want to be, then you are free. The vast majority of the world's population at present has little or no freedom at all, without being put in jail. Their mind, country, job or home are their jails. Most of the world's population have put themselves into jail without realizing it.

To make you fully aware of the definition of freedom I'll describe a few examples of various situations in life where people currently have lost their freedom partially or completely on this planet. From these situations described you may derive a full understanding of the definition of freedom and get a clear and shocking picture of your own status of freedom within yourself.

This healing shock that you may receive from your very own realization of your loss of freedom that you accepted may however give you the drive and power to finally realize your absolute freedom and once achieved, preserved it eternally. Even better, once you have achieved absolute freedom, you may develop Divine Love toward all and help others to achieve their freedom as well or protect the freedom of the few who still enjoy freedom on this planet

Examples of modern slavery where you may find yourself being caught and imprisoned

Governments may restrict the freedom of most citizens to almost zero in some countries and control the freedom of most or almost all of the national population in most other countries. Control is nothing else than deprivation of freedom, because control is needed to verify the compliance of their population with the national laws and rules set up by that government implementing the control. In a controlled environment, individuality and Divine creativity has little if any room to develop. Individuality however is Divine and a prerequisite in order to grow and develop wisdom by experiencing. Actually experiencing life and all possibilities of life in God's Divine creation is the fastest and easiest way to spiritually learn and finally become free from the cycle of reincarnation. God is ruling his creation where ever mankind opens for God in his wise and Love flooded guidance. God guides by the power of Divine Love and wisdom. God is Love, whoever truly loves to the full extent of Divine Love as God does is really almighty. Almighty in the absolute and Divine sense of the word. Hence Love can rule any country or planet without interference in the absolute and Divine freedom of any single individual soul or personality. Any restriction of freedom extends the duration and efforts needed to reach a certain spiritual goal. It restricts the flow of spiritual energy and guidance as it does limit or restrict the occurrence of individual and creative decisions made by intuition rather than forced by peer pressure coming from some outside sources.

Some parents restrict the freedom of their children by various means. Parents feed or dress their children without often asking whether they like it or would prefer something different. Children are put to bed at certain times, have to wake up at certain times, eat at certain times. They are brought to church or religious education without asking them whether they like it or not. They are put in certain schools, often they have to learn or study at school what their own parents missed or would have like to study themselves. That means children are often abused to realize the dreams and expectations of their parents. Children are sometimes forced to learn or study a particular career, to take over the family business or even worst, to get married with a certain person of the parents choice as it is still custom in India and some other cultures. Parents forget that they have invited the children to come to their family as guests. Parents had sex and parents created a body for a soul to visit them. However the children always have selected exactly these parents to reincarnate while knowing in advance what kind of social climate, social environment and lessons may be expected. Parents consist of a woman and a man and neither of the two ever can say they were forced to have sex, because they always had the opportunity to leave their partner anytime before they had sex for the first time, before they had children as well as they had the freedom to leave each other anytime after as well. Hence, it was finally their free choice active or passive, to have children by deciding or accepting to have sex. Children are guests and the parents are hosts. The more Love children receive, the more freedom they will be allowed to realize, the happier their children may become. But it should be a freedom filled with the true and divine Love rather than control and restriction of the children. Guidance means advise of all potential future possibilities resulting from various decisions and actions they may take. Children however are often kept as hostages rather than as guests. Children should have the right to dress however they feel comfortable in, to eat what they really need and like because they have a totally different energy body and thus have totally different nutritional needs than their parents. Children should be allowed to learn what their soul benefits most from, to develop creativity by being allowed to realize and to live their God given freedom. Parents and teachers should watch children, to see where they have their talents and support the God given talents of each individual soul. Let them make their own individual experiences, select the activities and topics at school they like most. Love them and give them wise advise and a neutral insight of all aspects of an upcoming decision to be made - then leave them the freedom to make whatever decision they finally make.

Finally the children have to live with their own decisions. Hence they also have to live with their own Karma they may cause if they decide so after being made aware of all aspects of possible decisions, including any possible Karma resulting from the different wrong choices they have.

Fathers and mothers being divorced or separated may limit the freedom of their common children if the parents decide where the children may remain, with father or mother, instead of father and mother at the discretion of the children. All children have a Divine right to freely see both, mother and father, whenever they want and to live with whomever they decide themselves. Parents often decide when, how often and under what circumstances children may be allowed to see the other part of the divorced parents. The one of the parents who gets legal support for the children quite often is using his legally strong position to force the other part to live in a certain way, at a certain place, to pay a certain amount just to be allowed to see his / her children. The love between the children and the leaving part of the parents, often deprived from legal rights as a parent, is abused to manipulate both children and leaving partner or take revenge - at the expense of the children and at the expense of painful Karma to be expected in a later situation or later incarnation by one or both parties of the parents involved.

Children do limit the freedom of their parents by remaining financially dependent on their parents longer than necessary. Many modern children in the western world start studying for many years without earning an adequate amount of money to cover all the expenses of their studies and living. They sometimes decide to stay at home until 25 or 30 years of age or longer, even while having a job, at the expense of missing experiences they could make in the world away from home. Sometimes it may be laziness or economical reasons, because it may be cheaper or easier to have everything done by mom or dad, rather than do it themselves. It may be easy to leave the responsibility to their parents, but at what expense? It is a Divine duty of anyone, even young children after 12 to 14 years of age to seriously start working toward becoming free, financially free as well. Many children use their studies just to avoid or postpone actual working for a living for another several years. Children after the age of 10 to 12 years shall be responsible enough to take care of themselves even for several days in a row without the parents being at home, every once in a while but at least a few times a year. They need to learn to grow up and become mature, responsible for household, their own belongings, washing, laundry, household, cooking and more, including to take care of other family members. When else but in this time of life can they learn to do all this. The best opportunity is under the loving guidance of mother and father during their early teenager years. The best time is during their early teenager time. Being a host for guests - children - is beautiful, but one day the time of being a host may be over and parents have other lessons to learn in life. Parents may need freedom to travel to other countries, learn other jobs or activities, even permanently move to other areas or countries to find and realize new valuable lessons for their own spiritual growth. While at the same time being a guest may be attractive as well for children, but one day they need to learn to be absolutely free, self dependent and practice to become themselves hosts for other visitors, their own future children or any one else. This means that they need to learn to work to cover their own expenses of living, as well as the expenses of living for another few persons. This should be accomplished with 20 years latest. If they want to study or change their job, this can easily be done at their own expenses at any later time when really needed and beneficial for all. Children may often keep their parents at home, telling the parents that they are afraid, or ill, or need help, just because they may lack of responsibility and willingness to take care of themselves.

Medical doctors and other medical services like hospitals very often limit the freedom of patients by giving them medication without allowing them to make their own decision or take an alternative medicine. Often doctors give no choice but one set of treatment in stead of a number of choices to select from. Many times patients in hospitals are told that they have to leave hospital if they do disagree on the treatment provided or suggested instead of offering them alternatives. They are given no choice but to accept that particular treatment or leave. Often the choice of treatment is made by popularity to the medical doctors. A new and risky surgical intervention may be more beneficial for the Ego and for the career of a surgeon than an alternate medical treatment such as acupuncture, homeopathy or other gentle form of treatments. Also high tech, high risk treatment may be more profitable. Many medical doctors have their own reputation and profit in mind rather than the well being of their patient. They forget to SERVE the patient and have the patient serve them with opportunities to massage their Ego and fill their bank accounts. In the medical field patients are seldom given a free choice of treatment, the medical doctors or hospitals want to provide their treatment of preference. Performing risky medical interventions and medical treatment may further deprive the patients by making them dependent on regular, often weekly visits at the medical centers for follow-up, check-ups and additional treatments, sometimes even for a life time, taking any freedom to move to other remote areas or countries for living. However every possible illness may be treated and cured in various ways using different methods, different also from the financial point of view. Doctors should seriously stop to treat and take care of illnesses and start healing, start to take care of health, rather than illnesses. The same of course applies to patients as well. Patients should stop to take care of and treat their illness and should start to strive for health, support and re-establish health at any price of efforts to be made. Health never is a matter of money, it is a matter of repeated efforts and wise decisions in regard to life style made by each person individually. Illness however is a matter of money and costs dozens of billions of dollars worldwide each year. As a medical professional you should allow your patients a free choice of treatment, even to change the doctor or healer for a particular treatment while still being your friend and patient. You should honestly tell them exactly all of the possible side effects of any prescription drug you give him and you should also honestly inform all patients of ALL alternate treatments available in the world of medicine. Remember that you depend on your patients, because you are making your living from your patients. Your patient never depends on you, even if he dies, he may find peace in God, while you still strive for money on earth. He has nothing to lose, but you may have a patient and friend to lose. So it is your responsibility to be a host and true friend for all patients, rather than just a supplier of a commercially marketed medical service at the highest possible profit. The best patient is one never coming back after your initial treatment because of your excellent treatment and his total cure through your professional advice and help. Learn to actually cure and heal patients, rather making them dependent on further or regular medical treatment or even on apparatus for a life time.

Teachers and educational systems do restrict freedom of children - of souls - by deciding what children have to study and how they have to do it. In many schools even punishments - corporal, verbal and others are still common. Seldom children are allowed to select the topics of study they like or want. Most of the children are forced to go through a standard type of basic education for 5-9 years before they are allowed to make their first selection of further studies. Children are forced to adapt to the way teachers are teaching - instead of teachers adapting their way of teaching to the needs of children. If teachers stop their Ego-trip and start to love their children and students, to respect them as adult souls, children of God, made to the image of God, then they may create a situation of mutual Love and friendship between all children / students and themselves. Teachers should learn to SERVE children, to help them to find their own God-given creativity and strengths rather than finding their weak points. Teacher may further improve the strong points of all children, and help to dissolve the weak areas when desired so by the individual. Teacher should learn to use positive words, thoughts, imagination and affirmation rather than abusing power, might, control of the strong ones and punishments of the weak ones. The present educational system of many nations on this planet are serving the government's and industries goals rather than serving the individual's need for spiritual development. A government typically may want to have citizens who obey their law. Citizens who are free may be uncomfortable for a government because they have learned to think and make their own decisions, make their own plans rather than just following a leader of a government or industry. However the purpose of life on earth is to learn and learning can only be achieved at the fastest rate and in a peaceful situation in absolute freedom. The individuality of each soul is sacred and should never be tempted by anyone else but the individual itself. Spiritual development of a soul is the primary purpose of life on earth and each soul is unique, hence their are as many different ways of learning and teaching as there are souls. With this in mind the scholar system needs to be revised in many countries, particularly in the industrialized countries of Europe and USA, but many others as well. The schools primary goal should be teaching children to become spiritually aware, mature, willing to take responsibility for all their life, their action, thoughts and emotions, to become self-dependent even self-employed rather than being employees of others. Serving the entire creation as a free individual is different from serving a nation or culture as a member of that group - deprived from all freedom - following instructions and laws. Freedom needs to be taught and practiced at school, at home and in real life anytime anywhere by all. The sooner you start practicing freedom the sooner you spiritually awake and become free souls. In present educational systems, most children are taught to follow law and order and learn to say yes to the governments decision. The schools are often abused as instruments of a government to train and educate willing citizens. However it is within the power of each to become free and start to become a captain of his own soul, become his very own boss and be in charge of his own life. At home, at school, in life generally. But whenever you realize your freedom, always keep in mind that you need to provide others with their freedom as well. Whatever action you take, it should be done with Love and in a fully peaceful way. Keep your records clean of any new Karma, because you may still need a few years or decades to clean your records from previous Karma. The only way to do this is in peace and harmony with the Divine - with Love.

Employers do frequently restrict the freedom of employees by the way the have them working. Few employees are allowed free decisions within the full field of of their activities. Many employees actually have no freedom at all during their job. They are told when and how they should do their work. Any upcoming creativity is killed by the many rules set up by many employers. Little if any responsibility is given to them to allow them to feel free. Employees are often regarded as being less worth than the management, directors, or share holders of a company. Time to be present and even when to take annual vacation are often extremely restricted by employers. The spiritual purpose of jobs is to get people together who have common Karma or mutual lessons to learn. That's it. The actual physical work people are doing is of little value. Children enjoying freedom and playing all the time are learning exactly the same lesson while playing or while enjoying Kindergarden as those adults working for multi-billion dollars businesses. Remember, this planet serves as a classroom on a higher level in the Divine creation of God. The spiritual lessons offered here and to dissolve all Karma are the only real purpose of life here. We all need to learn to love all mankind, all creation. This also means honoring each other as equal beings of equal value, equal positions, equal salary. As an employer or in a management position you should make sure to understand yourself, that your employees make YOUR dreams come true. Without employees, no single car, TV, Computer, .... could be manufactured at all as most managers have no skills except commanding, using and "leading" others. However the employees, the technical staff, mechanics actually do the real work. Thus they all should be honored accordingly by given the same freedom, the same rights, the same salary as all management has, as all employers and share holders have. All are children of God, all are Divine and all should feel as such, any time anywhere. Imaging what would happen to YOUR business if all employees are becoming small farmers or free craftsmen, producing vegetables and fruits, or necessary supplies for real life, enough for their family, and YOU are with all your technical equipment, machines, computers ....... trying to eat them - have you ever tried ? Anyone can grow some farming products and live from it, no one can live from technical or industrial products. It is possible to practice vegetarian farming without any technical equipment, without any investment but land given by God to all mankind, this land has been given for free to all, no one can produce a receipt for the very first time land was occupied by mankind, anything that is sold now once was stolen from the Divine creation made by God. Anyone who "owns" land, "owns" stolen land - stolen from God. There is no legal property of any land, even governments can never own land, it all belongs to mankind in general. It is property of all, to be used freely and free of charge by anyone, whatever he needs personally for himself and his family and can handle personally with his family. God is the only legal owner, he created it and by the power of physical laws created by God, he is dissolving it continuously - as one day, far away from now this planet and all physical "matter" has finished to serve its purpose.
Farmers do restrict freedom of all or almost all animals they keep. And the kill beings or pay others to kill. Besides the violence against souls that any killing, human or animal is causing severe Karma it also constitutes a restriction of freedom. It should be left to nature, to all animals and of course God, when a being may be released of its Karma and of its physical body. Modern farming is a simple torture for all animals kept. A torture that farmers may encounter later on themselves as an equalizing mechanism of their own painful Karma that they have caused. Such Karma applies of course also to all those buying the meat and products of farming, as they are paying others to kill and grow animals. In addition many farmers keep as many cattle as possible because it makes them feeling mighty to control and possess other beings and souls. They force the animals to serve their personal need and pleasure just for the purpose of accumulating wealth and money. Freedom is Divine for humans and for animals. Also the general public keeps animals at home for their personal pleasure, cats, dogs, birds, snakes, turtles and many more. Non of them have a truly natural environment and all the natural freedom they would have, day and night, including all their natural food as they could enjoy in their real natural God-given home in wilderness. Any restriction of freedom leads to the Karma of experiencing loss of freedom.

There are manifold ways to restrict other beings freedom. You may as well restrict the freedom of many others. If you realize how many different person or beings are restricted in their freedom by your behavior, then you may realize why so many others also do restrict you in your freedom. Because it is your Karma to receive what you do to others. Whatever you do to others must come back to you. Until you have learned to solve any situation with Love rather than with punishments, might and control.

If you want to enjoy freedom yourself, you may need to give freedom to ALL others before you can enjoy your freedom. Before reaching spiritual freedom you may need to attain physical freedom in your life, because the outside of your life is equal to the life within. Change your outside and within changes will occurs as a result of your efforts as well.

Growing into freedom

Learn Kriya Yoga to grow strong and attain freedom in God
How to develop and re-establish freedom within yourself in a step by step program on your own.

The possible solutions on how to re-establish lost freedom within yourself, your own life in every possible situation are manifold. Here a few possibilities. You may follow some of these steps and realize success within months or a few years. The priority in which these points are written may be of some importance to you. First there is some mental work involved in intellectually understand what you plan to do, why you do it and how these steps may help you increase or re-establish freedom within yourself and promote freedom within your family or surrounding as well.

it is recommended that you get yourself some sort of college block or similar notepad - to be used as a spiritual notepad or workbook - to write the results down and review them frequently. Write down any changes, improvement or new ideas you found.

Find out where exactly in life you lost your freedom. What part in life would you like to be changed. What decisions would you alter when you could decide freely without any influence from outside.

Find out how and where you limit or destroy freedom in others, your children, family members, employees, friends, partners and other persons animals.
Where do you want others to behave in a certain way to please your expectations rather than let them freely develop their own creativity and readiness to take responsibility and make decisions on their own.
Where do you try to prevent others from making their own experiences, including what you may consider mistakes that you have made yourself before. Let them repeat whatever you have done. There is no copyright on experiences or "mistakes", it all serves the process of spiritually growing and developing and realizing Divinity within each soul. Each one shall have the freedom to either repeat any experience himself or learn from watching others, whatever he prefers.

Remember at this point that children are going at school since hundreds of years, learning again and again the same lessons. No one wants to keep them from learning and repeating what you and other adults have learned and practiced before. Life is but another type of school. Life in general is a spiritual school and this planet is one of the many classrooms with a particular lesson to be learned by ALL citizens on this planet. They all have been attracted to this very planet because of the similarity of their Karma and lessons to be learned, hence they all may NEED to be allowed to learn and practice many of the same lessons as others did before for thousands of years. Learning is best done by doing. The more people are allowed to do freely, the wider the amount of experiences the may collect from a single incarnation and the more they will benefit from this present incarnation. Eventually they may even be capable of obtaining freedom from the cycle of reincarnation within this present incarnation. Please support them all in achieving such a spiritual and Divine goal.

What did you always want to do in the past and what would you like to do now if you could ? Write down all experiences, recreational activities, adventure, anything you ever thought or still think of "I would like to ....", then find out whether you still would like to do or have it. Write as many points you can find within. Write this on a separate sheet of paper or page in your spiritual notepad. These may be simple things like wanting a different outlook in your dresses or hair style, participating in a SCUBA diving course, even a introductory class of diving - an event of half a day - may do it at first, going on a camp out, on a long walk, ride across the country, taking a course in dancing or simply go out dancing again to your favorite place, changing your job, learning something different for a future job - this may require you to sign up NOW in a particular course or training program to realize these changes sometimes in the near future within the next year or two, getting divorced or separated in friendship and love from your present partner, from your employer or employees, leaving a particular club or membership of any kind including membership in a particular church or religion that you disagree with and always wanted to leave but never did, have an ice cream, dine out or see a movie that you like. Go out for a full weekend or take a vacation for a few days, weeks or even months, that you haven't done for months, years, decades or even never in life. Sell your home or your car and move to another place, region, country, even go to a remote island, into the jungle for a while or to the Himalaya or any suitable place or environment such as an ashram, monastery for a spiritual retreat of many years The possibilities are manifold.

Out of the above list of "I would like to ...." take now ONE and realize it within a week. Make sure that you take a point that you can afford easily from the financial point of view. Remain free when realizing these points, free also in the financial sense. Avoid making debts, taking loans or binding yourself by contracts to realize your freedom. If money is needed to realize your wish or your activity, get rid of some of those things you haven't been using for a while and turn them into money to afford your freedom. Debts and contracts limit the freedom of mankind and should be avoided at all. After you realized the first point take another one. Realize this point within another months. Limit your points mainly to activities rather than to material things. By becoming active you start to actually live and realize your God given freedom.

You may repeat this procedure of realizing your freedom and fulfilling another point out of this list another few times. But latest after 3 or 4 points have been realized, burn your list and write a new one of what you NOW actually would like to do. because this may change during the course of improved realization of your freedom.

The purpose of this procedure is to learn, see, feel, realize throughout your being that you can do what you want and it was but YOU - your mental limits that prevented you from doing so earlier. You may need to learn to act in a responsible way. Become aware of the law of Karma and all spiritual laws to ensure that you only create good Karma if at all or you learn for the benefit of the creation and in harmony with God, learn to do what ever you do in the name of God, give the results of your activities to God, devote them to God, whatever you do and you may achieve the capability to act in harmony with the first and great commandment of Love while remaining free of any Karma. Remaining free to do whatever you like and want to do.

Realize that no one else but YOU are your own boss. No one else but YOU has the right to decide what YOU like to do and what and how YOU actually do it.
How often do you or did you say "I must ....." ? may be several times each day. Most of the people do so. watch yourself and find out how often and in what situation you use the expression "I must ....". no one must do anything at all. Even breathing is free. If you have the power to stop breathing at will, then you have the freedom and right to do it by the power of your own Divinity. Realize that in most situations where you use "I must ...." no one else is involved at all. Most of the time people use this sort of expression in various languages of this planet to do simple personal activities, even to go to toilet or to go working. However the word "must" implies a force from outside or an inner pushing force. Even working is something you do out of your own will usually. Because YOU selected a certain life-style that may require a certain amount of money each month. And it is this amount of money that may require that you go to work. It is within your own power of decision to reduce your expenses drastically and hence reduce the necessary amount of time to spend making money accordingly. You may even decide to become a small and self-dependent vegetarian farmer, producing all you need in a really small farm and producing something you love to produce to exchange with others to get all those few things you may need from the outside of your home. Hundreds of millions of people on this planet still live and exist that way. And many of them are still free and feel better than most "civilized" people in the industrialized countries of this planet. One of the most valuable achievement you ever can get is freedom. Most people in "civilized and industrialized countries of the first world" however are slaves of either the government, tax department, employers, their bank if the bank owns part or all of their business or property and many other factors.

Civilization in the spiritual sense is the capability to take full responsibility for yourself on your own and to help and assist all others in need directly and without the interference of any outside organization, government agency, medical services or professionals. Help and supply, if needed share your own property directly with those in need. Have the time to help when ever help is needed by your family members, neighbors or any one in need. If you are in such a position then you are in a civilized country. Learn to exchange self-centered egoistic behavior with Love and care for ALL. Withdraw from career oriented living to social and Love oriented being in happiness, even is this may mean conducting a simple life with fewer TV's, cars, less electricity consumption, fewer dresses and shoes in your cupboard.

You may live from a fraction of your present income, while remaining free and healthy, you may even cut the amount of taxes to be paid to almost zero. The point is to first reduce the amount of money needed to live by limiting your needs, your living to the minimum really necessary including housing or apartment really needed. The more you spend you more you depend on your employer, bank, house-owner, insurance, government and others - the less freedom is actually left in your life. The more you reduce your living expenses, the less you actually have to do to finance it, the more freedom is left for you, for your family, for recreation, time to spend with family and friends, to take care of all those needy ones around the world and just across the street from you. People need Love to be happy. To Love people you need time, to have time you need freedom. If you have the freedom to take your time whenever someone needs help to dissolve sadness, frustration, depression - YOU may need time to supply them with the Love and care they may need to be completely and really released and healed from their problems and feelings of loneliness, depression or helplessness. Every time a professional has to go out there to help someone is a defeat of society and culture, a defeat of your own Divinity. In a spiritually healthy society there is no need at all for psychiatrist, and similar professional services. Mankind itself is Divine and has the Divine power to dissolve and heal any depression, any loneliness by the power of Love and with Divine assistance and Bliss from God - free of charge. But time is needed therefore and to have time you may first have to realize your God given freedom to take time whenever you need and want it. Anytime someone needs help and you may have the choice to go at work or help, think about what is more important, to assemble another computer, repair another car tire, bake another pizza, ..... or to help a human in distress. If you helped someone in distress and are late in your job, do you need to excuse yourself for being late - NO - because you did the most normal what mankind can do and is learning to do on earth, in this spiritual classroom of God's Divine creation - you practiced the first and great commandment of Love with someone in distress. NO excuses toward anyone - because learning and practicing to help, to love is the reason we are here on earth, far away from God - the infinite and Divine, far away from our own eternal home in the Love of the Divine. If humanitarian help and social welfare becomes the only responsibility of insurance companies, agencies, governments and professional services, then mankind has missed one of the single most important lesson on earth - the single most important thing on this planet is Love. To learn to Love all mankind, all beings, all creation and actually prove your Love by helping all in need NOW is INFINITELY more important than any material, commercial, industrial or other activity of any kind. Actually if you are late for helping anyone in need, even your own children or family members, if they are ill, society should be thankful for you doing your job as a human on earth. Your job as a child of God by practicing Love instead of wasting time for career and material development.

Now that you start to become aware of your "I must ...." - situations. It is time to change your own behavior. Start to say I want ... if this is really what you want to do, else leave what you planned to do. never do anything by force applied from anywhere. Remain free and become aware of your freedom of choice anytime anywhere. Learn to completely void the word "must" from your vocabulary. Anyone being truly and absolutely free, free as God made mankind, always may do or want to do things but never "must" do anything. Whatever you do shall remain your own choice. But once you have decided to do a certain job of any kind, quit saying "I must ...." and - instead say "I will ...." or "I want ....", or just do it with this in mind.

Learn to accept that any decision you make, any word you say or think causes some Karma that may return on you. If your ROI (return on investment - here in the spiritual context) is great, that means it takes lots of efforts and lots of time and energy to receive and dissolve it. Keep in mind that whatever you do to others may somehow and someday come back to you causing you to be bound to receive your Karma until it expires. Hence your increasing Karma, whether it is positive or negative Karma makes no difference, it may cost part or all of your freedom. Learn to conduct a life free of any Karma. Because any kind of Karma may bind you for some time up to a full incarnation or more. Karma may cause or actually be the only cause of your loss of freedom.

Learn to remain free of whatever deprives you presently or in the past from absolute freedom. Make a full and detailed inventory of why you feel without freedom and what would you need to really feel free. Write it point by point on your workbook. How did you get into that particular situations that reduced your freedom. How to prevent it in the future. Remember: For any job, loan, contract, marriage, to get pregnant, become member of a organization or club, to commit a crime, .... it always involves at least two persons. One of them has been you. Whatever you did in the past - you either did say YES to make a positive, active decision or you were silent and forgot to say YES or NO, hence you made a passive decision. Both were YOUR actions and decisions. Even remaining silent is an action that may cause Karma.

Learn to stay out of any situation that previously caused any kind of problems to you or limited your freedom and learn to conduct your life in accordance with spiritual laws and finally with the great commandment of Love.

Learn to accept that any Karma that you caused previously needs to expire or to be dissolved in a spiritual way before you can become free of that Karma.
Learn to accept that life consists mainly of a large variety of spiritual lessons FOR YOU. Your present situation of life, in job or family or social environment may represent exactly such a lesson. Before it makes sense to leave your present you may need to realize what exactly you have learned from this situation of life. And you may need to apply all you have learned. Else, if you part without anything positive learned from life, you risk to end up in a similar or equal situation soon after again. If you lack freedom in your life, it may be because you either have restricted the freedom of others before or still do so currently.

Before you can enjoy absolute freedom you may need give absolute freedom to all others, mankind, animals, just to all and anything before being free yourself. Protect and restore freedom of others where ever you have the chance to do so.
Finally one of the single most important point to learn and practice in order to really get free is to learn about life and death. Learn about your spirituality, about God's Divine creation. About life beyond the physical plane that you may see now and consider the only world existing. An old teaching says
"those who realize the truth, will be free through the power of the truth".
If you realize the Love and guidance you receive from God and Saints from beyond the physical plane of existence and If you become fully aware of the truth of your spiritual being, if you experience your true being of light, using a physical body, rather than being a physical body, then you will instantly lose all fear of death. However death is one of the most powerful instruments used and abused to manipulate people to do what others want you to do. if you lose any fear of death, you may never be challenged again by those who want to abuse their might. Awaken your spiritual awareness and develop your spiritual growth continuously. The more you experience personally about the spiritual world behind the physical world the more freedom you may feel and the more you will truly realize the full sense of life on earth and beyond. Spirituality is a science to actually experience and practice, it is far beyond mere theory. Every one can and shall experience and live his spirituality. Spiritual growth and education always has been free on this planet and beyond, in the past, present and also in the future it shall remain so. That means spiritual education and growth is free and affordable for all even the poorest ones among you. Some of the other chapters and workshops offered on this Web Site may help you further on your spiritual path to absolute freedom.

When you finished successfully this initial program of re-establishing freedom within yourself, your life and your family, then you may find other steps to be undertaken. Make sure that you really understand the importance of giving freedom to all others as well. I mean ALL OTHERS. LOVE is a infinitely more powerful tool and help to assist others in growing up and getting wise and mature. Learn to do whatever you like and want to do. think first about all possible consequences and Karma. To fully understand the creation of Karma you may initially study the spiritual laws and before realizing your plans, compare your plans and see whether they conform to the spiritual laws. These spiritual laws are far above any human made law on earth or any other planet or dimension. What governments and national laws allow or prohibit has little if anything to do with the absolute law. For a person to be really happy and free it is important to conform to absolute laws of the Divine creation. Note that the only real law ever coming from God, is the first and great commandment of Love - Love each other, anytime time, anywhere and under any circumstances. The spiritual laws as describes under "Yama and Niyama" an excerpt of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, are but a help to initiate the realization of the commandment of Love. However it is the most valuable approach on this planet so far.

The wealthiest and most mighty
are those having achieved God-Realization
and absolute freedom in God
Once you have achieved this freedom,
you are connected to the source of all Love,
the source of all power
for eternity

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