Monday, December 3, 2012

What is Your Goal in Life?

Do you have a precise personal goal in life that includes your spiritual development and return home to God and are you truly heading toward your personal goal?
What is your personal goal in life? Do you know goals and do you work toward a goal in your life ? Learn to set up priorities and one clear life goal and then reach your goal in a scientific method like champions and great people of all times do.
Did you ever seriously think about it?

Do you have many goals and the priority even changes every once in a while?
Can you clearly and positively describe your present incarnation's single most and only goal in a short single sentence?

Making up your single and only priority in life as a key to success is important. many God seekers happen to have no clear goal at all. some just want to escape this planet or their present situation in business or family. To reach God however you truly and sincerely need to make a positive decision and affirm it again and again.

After having read the chapter about the magic of words and about the principle of samyama you should be aware of the importance on how to mentally or verbally affirm your goal in order to reach it at all.

If you truly have a spiritual goal in this incarnation you may need to learn to positively affirm this goal again and again. writing this single goal onto a peace of paper and put it at a place to see it daily helps you.

If you have a spiritual goal and one or more material goals, your life may become a turmoil as the two may easily conflict with each other and tear you in opposite directions.

Keep in mind that you have eternity to find your way back home or you may decide this incarnation to be your very last one.

If you ever should decide this incarnation to be your very last one - then it surely is time to pack your bundle and start moving. there is plenty to do and thinking that all this may be done later may result in a situation described in the chapter later may be too late. the fact that YOU ARE HERE is the single and absolute proof that in earlier incarnations it was too late when you started your spiritual path. do you really want to repeat this cycle of reincarnation again and again?
To end the cycle of reincarnation may take as much as several ten thousands of hours of intense spiritual practice such as 20'000 to 30'000 hours of kriya pranayama in addition to many ten thousands or up to hundred thousand or more hours of true, sincere and intense practical application of all your have spiritually learned. time is relative and the required time finally depends on the purity of divine love that you develop. in normal cases it takes dozens of incarnations to end the cycle of reincarnation for most people. however it truly is possible to finish this cycle by the end of the present incarnation if this is your true, sole and final goal in this incarnation. if love is all and the only motivation of all you ever do. if to love and help ALL others is all you ever have in mind and if you allow all divine bliss and love to flow into you and uplift you.

Spiritual development is a long lasting process that takes many hundred thousands of years and may last even many millions of years or longer. after all it is a process that all can shorten when working full time and with all the power of your heart and soul toward that one single goal.

You first need to make up your mind - and find a single and only priority in life. if spirituality is important to you and you can positively say YES to God realization and God-union - to Love in all and any situation of life - then you will need to develop willpower to achieve this goal. You also will need to develop common sense and good judgment to always recognize anything that might ever pull you out of your most direct and straightforward path to God. as soon as recognizing any deviation from your most direct path of love to God - re-adjust your direction and keep asking and praying to God to help you to stay attuned on your path of love. put all your energy into that single goal - freedom and love in God is an eternal achievement beyond any earthly description or experience and far beyond the value of anything material you ever could achieve on earth. God-union is a goal really worth to strive for but to reach such a divine goal you truly and fully need to concentrate ALL your efforts of TODAY toward reaching such a divine goal - else you may find yourself again somewhere - sometime - in a physical body. again and again - just as you do NOW!

It is your freedom to make any decision you like and love...


Keep in mind that you should refrain - eternally - from any later complaints when illness, pain, diseases and old age are hitting you one day - just as a result of regular earthly life. it always is and was your own and sole decision and your present situation on earth is the sole result of YOUR previous incarnations and YOUR previous decisions YOU ever made before. have you recently lost a friend, husband or wife, children, sisters or parents, did you lose a job are are you fearing the loss of your job, are you fearing anything at all - like being left by a beloved one, or do you fear death or what's beyond death ? are you ever dissatisfied, frustrated, stressed or even angry due to a present or past situation in your family, job, political, economical or other condition in your life ? this all is the result of lack of spiritual drive in your present of past incarnations.
YOU may change such situation immediately - if you make spiritual progress your full time job as of today and working just a carrier to get you along through the many places and lessons needed to spiritually progress and prosper. many helpful topics and explanations can be found in the various chapters of the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love web site - read, study, learn, understand and apply all of the Spiritual Treasures - for your benefit and the benefit of all mankind on earth and beyond. are you still hesitating on your path to God - hesitating in life generally

- then please

Look at the average population on this planet - that exactly is what is happening to mankind focusing on earthly and material development and values rather than on spiritual development. how many millions are suffering from cancer, BSE, AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, MS, alcoholism, drug abuse, war, violence, malnutrition, and many other violent and painful illnesses worldwide. how many people are leaving their present physical body in a normal way - a normal way is experienced by all true God seekers having conducted a life filled with love - nothing but love - a normal "death" means being completely healthy and physically fit one day and going to bed - sleeping - and dropping the body while asleep - just to wake up beyond. how many percent of all mankind has achieved a state of spiritual development to leave their present body in such divine peace ?? ask your friends, family members and look around. probably you will find that far less than 10 percent are leaving their body in health and peace, ALL OTHERS are losing their body to their karma just to pick up another one for the coming incarnation to be a straight and direct continuation of the present one.
Is this what you truly and really want?

Please make up your mind and wake up from all your dreams ...
  • dreams of first enjoying life - how can you enjoy life in a prison on earth - your physical body is a prison for your soul - making you blind for all the remainder of God's divine creation, the emotions of all others and more.
  • dreams of first enjoying money, wealth and career and start your spiritual path later - when later ? when you are old and broken by your karma and the many illnesses most are suffering in old age on this planet - how could you ever have then the power of will and physical power you need to go through all the many ten thousands of hours of kriya pranayama, spiritual practice, meditation, karma yoga, loving of all mankind and more ...
  • dreams of going to God without ever having worked for it at all - after a life of enjoyment, selfishness and material greed and stinginess would you ever find a path through your own aura? to dissolve all in love needs continuous time and continuous efforts for years and decades - for the entire remainder of your present incarnation as of today!
Remember that you all are free - free to make any decisions necessary - free to change anything in life needed to attain more and real happiness and love in all situations. but YOU need to make all the decisions and changes - once YOU made all this steps you then will feel that God was but waiting all the time until YOU made up your mind and allowed him to assist you and uplift you - but you need to emphasize this decision day after day again and again by positively affirming your sole and only priority of life being a true and eternal oneness in God and love.

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