Saturday, December 1, 2012

Merry Christmas Message - Love and Forgiveness

A Message of love - words and thoughts how to enjoy Christmas year after year - day in day out - each day can be a Christmas day - a day of genuine love.
A world or creation without passion would appear to be our entire nature without butterflies, without blossoms, without rosebushes and wild flowers, without loving couples, without loving allies, without beloved anbelbabies of our own. It is the wonder of our entire nature that is a manifestation of God's love for us all as a sample of how you should acquire to be to all our close family around us. Our own living should reflect the same amount of purity in our divine being toward all. Nature is a reflection of Supreme Being - all beauty and manifold loving expressions of nature shall help us to appreciate the nature of passion to be grown within.

Christmas time is a special occasion to:
  • forgive all
  • .
  • ask for pardon even from all the "perished" ones.
  • give love in many different ways to all your family, relatives, neighbors and "foreigners".
  • enhance the feeling within yourself of being a member of a far larger family than your physical home.
  • and ultimately but MOST significant - Christmas is a feast of BLISSFULNESS given to you spiritually from Supreme Being and all dear ones back home in God!! open yourself for all divine bliss, forgiveness and divine help that is provided TO YOU by some others AND Supreme Being. to do so however you NEED to desist from getting intoxicated on Christmas, from over-eating or wasting all Christmas time with traveling to all different relatives or different dates.
Take it easy. loosen up and relax these upcoming days. every day is Christmas - it is UP TO YOU to make the right inner mental attitude and opening up for passion toward others AND from others within YOUR SELF!

Serenity and quiet. decreased activenesses. more time for your most direct families. when possible NO other engagements or travel may help you most to actually EXPERIENCE all offered bliss.

What ever is extended to you from Supreme Being either gets into YOUR heart and soul or is wasted permanently! or at least until another such day - may be next year Christmas or decades later!

Divine bliss from God and passion NEVER can be stored and picked up later. Either YOU take the time and create the condition and surroundings needed or all the love flows toward others! there is year round a huge quantity of love and bliss available from God and your Guru and other loving souls, but Christmas is a prolonged period FOR ALL PLANET - for all cultures and all religions! Please open your heart and accept all passion and blissfulness - for your benefit as well as for the importance of all your darling ones.

Please present some modest givings also to absolute "outsiders" and neighbors - blossoms even a single blossom may open YOUR and their heart, or any similar small gifts from your heart - to open up your heart toward all ways! Every day is Christmas - each day is a day to passion, for gifts of love. Christmas present are meant to make delight of life and immediate lasting felicity, hence Christmas present are gifts of passion coming from the bottom of your heart. The most cherished you can give as a Christmas present is your love, your time, your life, all of you if needed. Supreme Being shall honor you for what you have given to desperate ones. In need of your passion, your nutrient or your help.

Be a solution of passion for others around you rather than a origin of strain or load. Forgive all, ease the life of others with the givings you got from Supreme Being, help and protect those who have lost freedom and peace of mind in their lives.

Remember Jesus teachings of love:

Love all
forgive all
reconcile with all
pray to God only.

God bless you all - Merry Christmas time

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