Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pray to God and ask God to do Kriya Yoga for you

Pray to God and ask God to do Kriya Yoga for you to verify proper Kriya Yoga technique. Every now and then it is advised to pray to God and ask for guidance in your proper Kriya Yoga technique - particularly your Kriya pranayama! Careful readers of the Cyberspace Ashram teachings should remember my advice:
Then ask for help - pray to God - and watch carefully - God then will repeat a few time proper Kriya Yoga within your own body to show you how it is done correctly - watch and then practice yourself.
A current situation shows that disciples sometimes skip or forget to repeat that quest to God. Remember that diksha received is powerful and valid only when you accept God as your Kriya Yoga Guru and thus when you pray to God for feedback and guidance.
For all advanced kriya yogi with more than 3 hrs daily kriya pranayama practice it is of utmost importance to do your pranayama exactly. Needless to say that you follow exactly all rules and never mix up 2 or more different techniques from different sources.
Remember the published rule:
After a few thousand or several thousand hours of successfully practicing prana breathing during your Kriya Pranayama while at the same time continuously increasing the number of Kriyas performed each day, you may then reach the point where finally the true Kriya Pranayama STARTS. To reach this point you may now practice 6 - 12 hours of Kriya Pranayama each day or even more !!
That means if you do many years kriya yoga already and still do only 3 or so hours a day, then you failed to follow the rules and thus fail to succeed! Kriya pranayama needs to be increased steadily until Samadhi. Any limited kriya pranayama in your practice is proof of lack of sincere intentions to actually become one with God!
Either do all and correctly or wait until a later incarnation when your desire to love and return home is true and absolute. Kriya yoga is to achieve God union and for nothing less. True life starts beyond Maha Samadhi.
All sincere kriya yogi should ask God repeatedly - may be every few months or so - to do kriya pranayama for you a few times. Then monitor God's kriya pranayama and repeat on your own as shown by God to you.
Make sure you read and follow all the instructions given to you in the Cyberspace Ashram and follow all the rules exactly. Any deviation from the rules may end in a waste of time and life and may eventually result in lack of spiritual progress and lack to achieve Samadhi. If you do kriya yoga properly - including the entire part of working and cleaning up your entire life for many years and still have may have skipped or short cut some of the rules given.
Learn to let go from earthly life. Learn to get in peace with all and forgive all. Practice daily work for the benefit of others. Be useful and helpful in all your life. Chose a useful work that serves God and all mankind no matter the money. Have happiness and wellbeing of others as a primary goal in all your work. Be free from any attachment - including free from attachment to Guru, to family, to friends, to property. Work to clean up your karma and mess in life to have an orderly life all the way.

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