Friday, July 18, 2014

How to Study the Spiritual Treasures

Learn How to Succeed in Successfully Completing Any Large Project in Life.

When people download the "Spiritual Treasures" and see that I have some 39988 files integrated into the "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition", then many may be like paralyzed in front of so many pages and graphics / pictures to study. Some may ask "how can I ever learn and practice so much?" You can, if you do it all day by day,k step by step until all done.

I assure you every single page, picture or graphic makes spiritual sense and really intended to be studied and applied in daily life or converted into spiritual progress. Kriya Yoga in its ancient traditional teaching as originating from Jesus always includes useful work, sharing and helping others in addition to all "secret" of meditation and kriya pranayama technique.

Imagine how people were feeling when they started many thousand years ago the world famous "Banaue rice terraces" in the Philippine islands. Imagine how their sons or daughters might have felt if fathers and mothers would have told their children to keep working another 2000 or 3000 years until all rice terraces successfully completed.


Imagine how I would have felt when God would have told me in 1995 during or following repeated oneness with God, that I may have to sit behind laptops for the next more than 15 years, earn hundred thousands of dollars first, then invest all during 60'000+ working hours to create the current 45'000+ files of "Spiritual Treasures" and "Spiritual Treasures Bonus".

I might have rebelled or fallen into coma for a while or simply been paralyzed like a little white mouse facing a kings cobra. However every reasonable project, no matter how huge, can be achieved by each individual human if done step by step, day by day until successfully done.

Every project you do will grow as you proceed. After a long and intense period of creative work, you start to see what or how much you have already achieved and finally you find motivation in your own achievements of past years. The greater the achievements the greater the motivation.

The emphasis is on "reasonable" project. Reasonable means useful for others, helpful to others, in full harmony with God and thus blessed by God.

Yet, 1997 I started with one chapter, then another one, then one per day, then when in my Simbach Ashram many chapters or graphics per day and since 2000 in the Philippines, surrounded by Millions of most loving, God loving, Mama Mary and Papa Jesus loving smiling Filipino, I created more and more pages, often many each day, until some day in May 2012 I noticed that I am about to run out of funds and all creation comes to a natural end. It felt since a while that all that needs to be written, in English as well as in German language is successfully online and available to all world for free.

It was YOUR NEED, your soul calling for help, that gave me the creative power to create and publish whatever needed to offer ALL world all needed solutions of love and teachings of love to assure YOU and all your loved ones find your way safely HOME to God's world of love.

The same may apply to YOUR reading of all "Spiritual Treasures" chapters. It is common sense HOW you start:
  • On the "Spiritual Treasures" offline version start page
  • god/
  • you see the icons linking to a sub-section.
  • Common sense is to start TOP left to right
  • Top to bottom
  • each new page / link is opened in Firefox browser in a NEW tab that opens in background.
  • you read one page at a time
  • then move to next tab with any other linked page opened, read and proceed to next tab.
This way each chapter and all relevant pages linked are read until understood in one single session. may be 20 minutes to max one hour, each day or each time you have previous studied chapters "digested" and applied in your daily life,
  • until ALL pages studied
  • top to bottom
  • left to right
  • makes common sense
If you postpone your start, you may be too late for successful completion during THIS lifetime.

If you NOW create or nourish the habit of postponing to later what actually need to be done NOW, today, this very moment, then in next reincarnation most likely that habit of doing later what needs to be done NOW may be even stronger and either if lucky you nay get a REAL kick in your butt by your very own karma, or you may eternally fail and stay on this planet until planet gone - with your gone for all eternity!

If however you start NOW to read and practice, you never now how much or how little needs to be done from all lessons left in all your previous incarnations. The very same applies for ever project or goal you may have in mind. If your goal reasonable, start now and keep on working toward your goal until successfully achieved.

In my earliest spiritual awakening-years THIS lifetime - decades ago - someone quiet wise told in a book that the spiritual end-phase before God Union is some 12 incarnations. For spiritually advanced and very active humans.
Fine, I thought, but how do I know how many from the 12 incarnations have I done before and how may are left to learn and practice? You never really know until you have reached God Union!

So I started like it was my very last and time was crucial to end all before body gone. I gave ALL to God, all family life, all recreation, all fun part of going party or going dancing, just spiritual learning, working for living and advanced kriya pranayama day and night any time I had free time.

I gave away to God ALL distractions, all bla bla calls and all those people who just call to steel time because they have neither a goal in life nor any reasonable priorities nor any intentions to end their cycle of endless reincarnations on earth - far from God and Love.

To give ALL to God is a VERY deep meaning and really means ALL. Some 2000 years ago even Jesus taught already "give all to God and all you need shall come to you (from God)".

For a reason I understood many years later, it took only five and a half years of most intense FULL time spiritual learning and practicing until oneness with God was achieved. Full time means literally 24/7/365.

Whatever goal, no matter what and how much you have to learn, to practice and work, even financially. to first earn. All starts with your first step and with your motivation to keep working with all your efforts toward your goal - to return home to God. Start now with your own life project and you may successfully complete it on time, sooner than you may imagine.

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