Sunday, June 22, 2014

Purpose and Benefits of major disasters on earth or in your life

♥ Karma is an firm part of physical creation. The Law of Karma is absolutely KNOWN to all mankind since thousands of years on THIS planet and much longer in other parts of creation. We all have experienced in recent years the result of excessive spending leading toward bankruptcy or collapse of economy in its current system and the option of either creating a TEMPORARY unqualified solution by financing a multi trillion dollars bailout OR a complete change of current destructive lifestyle. The vast majority of global population has learned NOTHING at all from that situation. The end-result = a total collapse of the economy would have been a far more successful rescue and HEALING to mankind's attitude AND to the planet's nature.

♥ Major disasters of ANY kind = Taifun, Tsunami, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, fire, flooding, cancer, MS, Alzheimer and other illnesses, etc all are the result of ACCUMULATED KARMA of a particular kind by a large number of human in a confined area. An entire region, island, country, culture, continent or an entire planet. The disaster itself can be compared to an emergency surgery on a patient with head injuries resulting in increased pressure on brain inside the skull. One possible emergency procedure could be drilling a hole into skull to instantly relief pressure = to prevent damage to brain and possible DEATH

♥ Such is the nature and root cause of any kind of nature disaster = an emergency relief of accumulated Karma-pressure to prevent even greater damage to mankind and to our entire planet. Without the different disasters striking mankind, this entire planet would have been completely destroyed thousands of years ago.

♥ Without THIS planet however most of mankind on earth as well as all souls still needing to incarnate on this planet would have been death forever (= no additional chances to learn and PROVE true love).

♥ Hence every single disaster happening is but a divine emergency procedure to prevent total LOSS of an entire planet with all souls attached to same planet by existing KARMA and by total lack of TRUE love toward ALL.

♥ When creating NEW Karma stops AND dissolving of existing accumulated karma starts, then tension reduces and natural disaster weaken and eventually disappear completely.

♥ Only the practice of true Love toward all can dissolve all karma and thus a soul's attachment to the cycle of reincarnation = thus love only leads to freedom of a soul and a possible return HOME to God's world of Love (heaven). True love in ALL aspects and all parts of YOUR life. Each human progresses spiritually on its own. If YOU help others to progress, then others may help YOU to progress - else you maybe all by yourself, to fail or to succeed on your own self-chosen path of EGO or of Love.

God is Love. God gave you FREEDOM and one commandment of Love and God gave you the comprehensive and easy to understand the teachings of Love brought by God's son into all creation. Any disaster as well as any personal disaster / accident or illness YOU experience in your life is the result of YOU deviating from God's commandment of LOVE toward ALL, including all nature and animals alike!

♥ Every disaster on earth and in your personal life thus is a major warning for YOU to INSTANTLY CHANGE as well as a temporary relief to prevent the ULTIMATE END and thus to open the door for one more (may be very LAST) chance to turn yourself into a being of true love.

♥ Study and apply Jesus teachings of Love - the
Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition - offered to you for free instant download by the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love to turn into and maintain your entire life as an exciting adventure of love until again HOME in God's world of love.

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