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Kriya Yoga definition

Kriya Yoga means God and Love applied in real life

Kriya Yoga is the combination of loving work for the mutual benefit and well being of all creation, all planet, nature, animals and mankind in combination with Kriya Yoga meditation teachings also known as Jesus secret teachings.

All life is about Love

God is the creator of all and the source of love

All life is about love, without love there is no happiness, without happiness there is no purpose for life. Hence God as the source of love and creator of all creation is the center of all life on earth and beyond. Without God no love and no fife,

The teachings of love consists of basic lessons for life, love lessons with feedback for self improvement and the complete set of sacred medication teachings such as kriya pranayama as the core technique of Kriya Yoga.

All spiritual teachings are real life oriented for daily use in family, business and even politics. For true happiness and social peace among all mankind on earth and beyond, all aspects of life and human activities need to be included in spiritual development.
The core solution to all existing problems and tensions is love. True love starts within each family, without happiness in relationship, there can be no happiness among neighbors, Hence a substantial section of the teachings of love are related to the loving relationship, reconciliation and forgiveness between husband and wife, between men and women.

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