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Kriya Yoga techniques and initiation

Kriya Yoga techniques and initiation

The Kriya Yoga teachings and preparation for the holy initiation are available in the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love as a torrent download free for all world. Totally 39988 files - 3.55 GB - of Spiritual Treasures for instant torrent download as a gift of Love from God. Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" Kriya Yoga download.

God is Love

Kriya Yoga information

Diksha to Kriya Yoga consist of explaining to the God-seeker several exercises and practicing them the first few times under direct spiritual supervision from God provided you open for God! The technique of Kriya Yoga is a gift of love from God to all sincere hearts and consists of
  • maha mudra
  • navi kriya
  • kriya pranayama
  • yoni mudra
  • meditation techniques
  • and many thousand chapters teachings of love for daily life to get your love flowing and create a steady opening for God. All that and much more is included in the complete FREE download package "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" Kriya Yoga download.

Kriya Pranayama is Kriya Yoga's key technique

To apply God love in a very precise and scientific method into all aspects of your entire divine being with all is manifestations. Learn to understand the basic physiology of this divine Kriya Yoga technique before you start it.

Kriya Yoga Guru

God is your true Guru for Kriya Yoga - as Kriya Yoga is a creation of God and gift of love for all mankind. God is Guru for Kriya Yoga when you pray to God and accept such spiritual guidance by God in your heart and soul. A true Guru for Kriya Yoga must be God realized and hence his actions and spiritual guidance are free of physical limits and distance or body! hence if you have a physical Guru or none is of no significance but important is to have a direct connection to and relationship of love with God!

Kriya Yoga Diksha

The Kriya Yoga diksha file is the actual door to the sacred technique of Kriya Yoga. You will find the link to that page in the Cyberspace Ashram during careful study of all texts and Jesus teachings of love that form the foundation of love and hence the basement of Kriya Yoga. The actual initiation - diksha is a spiritual and hence INNER process initiated by God as a result of your honest and sincere preparation and practice of all Kriya Yoga teachings as given here in the Cyberspace Ashram.

When you follow the given teachings of love, then you shall be touched by God's love and blessed by God. god then assumes the role of Guru until you are ONE with God. To be touched by God's love, you need to open for God.

FREE instant "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" Kriya Yoga download as Jesus gift of Love from God for all world

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