Thursday, September 27, 2012

"Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" FREE Kriya Yoga download by Bittorrent

"Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition"

Revised edition - change log

The following changes or corrections are made in the revised "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition":
  • All links to online sites and online pages removed. Remote sites are mentioned with domain name in italic where ever spiritually reasonable for your reference. You may use search engines to find such online references if still existing. Many sites or pages however have been removed and thus the live links would be but a distraction in future decades or centuries.
  • broken images removed or replaced where available
  • All java removed
  • most javascript removed
  • All reported or known broken links fixed - "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" contains 39988 files with more than 30'000 links. all links have been multiple times tested using 2 different linkchecker tools.
  • all 5 forums converted into offline version and added
  • Clean-up of forum files to speed up page loading by removing obsolete meta tags.
  • added 5 eBooks in PDF format for free sharing
  • included Amaze fonts to display correct title fonts - install the amaze fonts according to your operating system procedures and enjoy.
  • adapted Blog CSS in offline version for full page view in monitors of at least 1024px width in current Firefox browser
  • A few New chapters added = read all to find all, no short cuts to God. Then practice all in a useful and helpful life of love serving real humans and natural human needs.
  • Most content files spell checked in English, Spanish and German language using 2 different spell check tools.
  • Totally since June 2012 - 3685 files received corrections, clean up , new images or optimizations
  • Most HTML content files now are valid HTML401 or XHTML
  • More content but smaller overall file size thanks to more clean up of files and HTML code. Now approximately 3.55 GB
  • 66 new pictures added
Please note that there are NO more official fast download servers planned for the new revised edition of the "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition". The only official download is by Bittorrent for users willing to share/seed as well. Until further notice, the only way to receive bittorrent download information is by eMail application to the original author of all or by using Bittorrent download links provided here below, more download links for Bittorrent may follow as available.

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